Online Grievance Redressal System for GPF and Pension

Employees and pensioners of any state in India now have a chance to lodge online grievance or complaint towards any issue related to Pension or GPF accounts, do check the process separately for both…

The Government of India has been always towards helping the employees for the services provided, where there are numerous employees who do have Pension and GPF on their names through the State Governments

The Government has developed an online portal to check the account statement and as well other details of Pension or General Provident Fund, and in this view, the online compliant platform has been developed which gives citizens direct access to raise a grievance.

In this Grievance platform, you can raise any of your complaints by describing as much as you can, and the status will be updated within 24 hours of the Grievance which has been raised and the same will be updated as per your request processing time.

Lodge Online Grievance for GPF or Pension

To have your General Provident Fund Grievance lodged in the online portal, you can try this below-given process for detailed steps, and make sure you have your credentials to have the online Grievance lodged.

  1. Visit the website of The Comptroller & Audit General of India at
  2. Hove and Click Online Grievance Redress System for State Govt employees relating to pension & GPF accounts
  3. Click on Lodge Your Grievance (Pension and GPF) under Citizens Corner
  4. Select Lodge your Grievance Online and wait for a while
  5. Enter Your Name > Select Complaint type relating to (Pension or GPF)
  6. Provide PPO / GPF Number
  7. Enter Address > Mobile No > Email Address > Working Office / From where retired
  8. Write your complaint subject > Provide Complaint details within 4000 characters
  9. Select Concerned AG (A&E) office of your state from drop-down > Select Suitable Sub Category (PG Family Pension, Other, Service Category, Service Pension)
  10. Upload any supporting document if having by clicking Yes, if not select No
  11. Click on Submit button
  12. Once the Grievance form is submitted, you will have your Online GPF Grievance number displayed on the screen that can be used to view the status later. Make sure you have saved your receipt number for future reference.

Check Online Grievance Status on Pension or GPF

If you have registered your grievance on GPF or Pension of your already, then you may allow checking the status of the same through the online Grievance system, do check which we have this detail here for you to get the grievance raised fo your Pension or GPF

  1. Open your browser and hit the URL
  2. Click on View Status of Your Grievance
  3. Enter your Grievance registration number generated at the time of the complaint.
  4. Click on Submit > Find the status of your complaint

Is this Grievance Portal the same for all the states or differ?

This is the only one single portal available online centrally for Pensioners and GPF members of any state to register a complaint towards their issues, but the complaint may attend by the concerned state authority only.

Why do you require an Online Grievance System for Pension and GPF?

Pension and General Provident Fund are a major service that the state government provides to its citizens, and thus we have the online Comptroller and Auditor General of India website, that lets you raise the grievance online without reaching the office. The receipt number raised will be proof to check your status of grievance and action being taken on the same.

Will Online Grievance be taken seriously?

Yes, the online grievance system raised from the Comptroller and Auditor General of India web portal has been monitored by the system regularly, and the team does take your ticket as soon as they check the queue and update the same to the concerned team so that they will take appropriate action on your complaint.

Can we take an online Grievance number to an offline Pension & GPF office?

The updates on your grievance will be posted in the online portal. If not updated, you can directly visit the office near to you and get the latest updated on the same, and the receipt number can be accessed from anywhere and citizens will not have to raise a new request, once they have loaded their online request.

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