West Bengal GPF Portal Registration Online and Password Reset

Now West Bengal GPF Portal registration made very easy after the online process introduced, check the simple steps and password reset process for the WB GPF portal to be accessed from employee’s hands…

West Bengal General Provident Fund can be accessed through the online service and employees who avail of these benefits can easily get their updated GPF statement online, and this has made a convenient way to get the updated statement and let the employee know about the West Bengal GPF directly.

The work to walk to the office has been reduced and the GPF account gets updated every month despite being updated per year in past days, so get an updated statement with entre details and as well raise your concern through the online forum to make sure you have your money is saved in the correct way.

West Bengal GPF Portal Registration

To access the online West Bengal GPF or get the password reset done, the individual need to submit their details and get themselves registered with the West Bengal GPF account.

  • Here get your Employee ID, Dept Code, Employee Name, and Date of birth
  • Get the Mobile number along with updated employee details
  • Write an email to edpfnd-agae-wb@nic.in with these details
  • Once the email has been received, your account will be activated and will be sent for registration with the requested details.

West Bengal GPF Portal Password Reset

West Bengal GPF has got a unique password for their subscriber which must be used to access the General Provident Fund page, and here 99employee.com provides the detailed steps, which will guide you to get the password reset successfully.

  1. Visit the online Principal Accountant General website at cag.gov.in/ae/west-Bengal in your browser to open the page
  2. Online services > GPF > GPF Subscriber Login
  3. Click Forgot password link provided on the right side
  4. Here select your Series code from the drop-down menu
  5. Ent your GPF number along with the date of both in the below column
  6. Click on Submit button after entering the security code from the box
  7. Enter the OTP received to your Mobile number in the requested box and enter the Password twice
  8. Confirm the same to be submitted

That’s it, West Bengal GPF password for your account has been reset and you will be able to access the GF account using these new passwords. Make sure you remember your mobile number to get the OTP SMS to it.

Can I set the West Bengal GPF Password as an Account Number?

The password for the West Bengal GPF account can be set as per your requirement, and it is advised to have a password which does not include your mobile number, account number or employee details which must be hard enough to decode by an unknown person.

Does West Bengal GPF link Mobile Number changes?

Yes, it is your responsibility to get the new mobile number updated with the West Bengal GPF account, as these make you access the account without any issue and as well get your password reset done online, and use the registered email ID to send your new mobile number and get it updated online.

Is date of birth mandatory for West Bengal GPF Account Access?

Yes, the date of birth which is registered with the employee details as per the records needs to be used to access the West Bengal GPF Account, and the combination of Date of birth, account number, and Password will let you access the account.

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