Download Odisha Employee Payslip for 2021 Govt Salary

Odisha Government has come with HRMS Odisha portal to serve its government employee initiates to download Odisha payslip and other important information of state government with best services through its online portal loaded at one place.

The Human Resource Management System of Odisha does also calculate the salaries of employees based on input given by respective DDO officers, and the auto salary payment from HRMS portal has reduced much manual work and let employees get their Payslip download from anywhere.

Just a few options by providing their unique credentials any employee of Odisha state government can load their salary slip for any respective months and view their employee details.

Odisha Payslip Download

Download process of Payslip is quite simple if you have your login user credentials, thus here we bring the process to get the Odisha Employee Pay Slip downloaded from your Odisha HRMS login portal.

HRMS Odisha Payslip Download

  1. Visit the Human Resource Management System Odisha official page se or login directly at
  2. Click on Personal Login option shown on screen, and you will be taken to HRMS Odisha Login page
  3. Pass your login credentials as username and password
  4. Enter the security Code shown in box and press Login, once verified, you will be taken to Odisha employee page
  5. Verify your name at end of employee Page
  6. Click on My Profile option and then Click on Payslip
  7. Select Month and Year for which Payslip you need to generate, immediately Odisha employee payslip will be loaded on screen as selected.

That’s it, you can use the option to download or print the payslip from the web page and use it for your reference.

  1. Can I use HRMS Odisha Payslip from a mobile browser?
    • Yes, the HRMS Odisha portal is designed to be laid on mobile browsers as well, So Odisha government employees can log in to the employee portal form anywhere and view their details along with downloading the respective pay slip.
  2. Can I download multiple Pay Slips from the HRMS Odisha Employee Page?
    • Every employee belonging to the Odisha state government has been given access to the HRMS Odisha portal, thus using their login credentials, they can access the Odisha HRMS page and view their payslip of any month, and along with viewing, they can download Pay Slip for any number of months.
  3. How to Change Name in Odisha Employee Pay Slip?
    • If any employee has seen the wrong name or missing information in their Odisha Government Employee Payslip, then they need to connect with their respective DDO officer, and the assigned DDO officer of your department will correct your data on Payslip who can be found from your Department Finance office.