BSF Payslip for Border Security Force Employee Salary

Find the new steps involved in downloading BSF payslip online through web portal login, Print the respective month BSF salary slip on your desk directly…

Border Security Force is a Border Guarding Force of India since 1965, and BSF stands on the First Line of Defence to take on smuggling, infiltration, military assault, and many such high-priority tasks.

The one who is employed as a BSF employee is all set to get a broader life and ready to face every unfriendly unstable situation, and they are always in remote areas away from the department office, which makes it difficult to check their employee pay slip as well.

Thus using the BSF official website, the employee can get the latest payslip from online, and this way they can be updated about the pay they get during their hard work they do for the country.

BSF Payslip Download

The Border Security Force employees can get their latest BSF pay slip download from their official portal, and thus use this below-given process to download your BSF Pay Slip.

  1. Visit the Border Security Force web portal link
  2. Click on Login button present at the top right corner of the page
  3. Enter your IRLA number or Regt Number > Enter Password
  4. Enter the Captcha Code > Click on the Login button
  5. Once details are checked, you will be given access to BSF Employee page
  6. Select the Pay Slip option from the menu > Select Respective Month
  7. Click on View Pay Slip > Wait till the selected payment sheet loaded
  8. That’s it, BSF Pay Slip for the respective month for an employee will be on your screen, which can be thus downloaded or printed using the given option on the screen.

Does a BSF Employee need to register Online for a BSF Pay Slip?

No, there is no registration to be done from the online website, as every BSF employee is given a password with their IRLA or regret number, and their details are filled by the department officer, who works on their details along with uploading updated information on their salary.

Can I download the previous month pay slip from BSF Online?

Yes, every BSF employee using their credential can log in to the BSF Login page and access the details, and the Pay Slip for every employee is kept online from the last 3 to 4 years, thus every employee can get them viewed anytime using their credentials.

How to Check extra Pay Details in Salary in BSF Pay Slip?

The payslip which is available for every employee from the login page does contain every detail of salary credit, and the details of Basic, PA, DA along with different deduction and extra benefits is detailed in the payslip.

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