Railway Child Care Leave Application for Women Employee

Sanction of Child Care Leave application form is enclosed for ready reference to submit to Railway authority for early sanction of leave to take of a minor child…

Indian Railways does provide a fair opportunity to its employees to manage their personal life, where the life of an Indian Railways employee is crucial, as they intend to support the Indian Largest transport system.

Thus in any means, if they are required to support their family, Indian Railways does provide them an option to use them, and the Application for Sanction of Childcare Leave is applicable if the child of women employee is below 18 years and this is applicable for a total of 730 days with giving a future notice to the department.

Railway Child Care Leave Application
Railway Child Care Leave Application

The employee who wants to have leave under childcare must inform the department head in advance before 15 days of leave and get their approval to use this service.

Women Employee Application form for Child Care Leave

The Child care application should send to the sanctioning authority of Railway through the controlling officer on recommendation.

The said child care leave shall be admissible for two surviving children only, where all the national holidays will be counted during the period of CCL, so the women employee should plan and apply the leave accordingly without loss.

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