Railway Employee Pass Application for Home or Foreign Lines

Presenting Indian Railway employee pass application form for sanction of Pass to Class, School Privilege, Complimentary Passes over Home and Foreign lines, Check the conditions to apply for Railway pass…

Indian Railways employees who are on their trip to a new place can get the passes from the Department, and if you’re an employee of Railway department, then you can make use of the Application for Passes for you and your family.

This way the entire family can have a trip to a new place using the employee services they are eligible for, and it is making sure that the application must be submitted before 7 days of travel, so that the Passes will be made ready and the employees of Railway Department can make use of them during their visit.

On this application, a form of approval from the department head needs to be taken, so that their respective passes will be issued as described.

Application for Passes Over Home / Foreign Lines

The applicant must specify the outward and return journey details of from and to stations along with break journey in this Railway employee pass application, where the applicant should specify the complete names and age, date of birth of family members who wish to travel through the pass applied.