Railway Holiday Home Allotment Application for Employee

Do check the manual application form for Railway holiday home allotment to he employee working in any unit across India…

It is considered necessary for the Indian Railway employees to take necessary holidays to relieve the stress, so in the same context, the department of Indian Railway administration allows their employees to book their holiday homes that are situated across different cities all across India.

Railway Holiday Home Allotment Application
Railway Holiday Home Allotment Application

So if you are looking forward to going on holiday then you do not have to get expensive holiday homes from online rather seek this application form to request the Government resided holiday homes that you will receive at the lowest of the cost due to the employee benefits.

Application Form for Railway Holiday Homes Allotment

The employee or applicant should submit the following duly filled application to authority with the necessary recommendation of Supervisory with all necessary employee information like working unit, Scale of Pay, Pay Drawing Authority, along with persons whom a suit in a holiday home is required, and holiday home needed from.

Ensure that your leave is first sanctioned and approved by the authority then only you will be able to use this allotment application form to apply for Indian Railway holiday home specifying the date of leave sanctioned in the application form.

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