Private Visit Abroad, Railway Employee Permission Application

Private foreign travel or visit abroad undertaken by Railway employee must have the permission from the authority, Find the application to get the NOC before traveling to Abroad visit… Indian Railways looks for the safety and integrity of their employees during their course of employment, and in this due time, if an employee is asking

PF Loan Declaration Form on Marriage for Railway Employee

Providing the PF (Provident Fund) loan application form required for Railway employee to submit along with PF withdrawn request to process the case during the time of dependent marriage… If you are a government or private sector employee who has a provident fund then you have savings in your PF accounts, and if you are

Railway Pay Fixation Option Form to Excercise on Promotion

Download or Print the form of exercise of an option for Railway pay fixation and increment date on promotion to the next higher grade/post with choice option opted… The Form of option is a prescribed application submitted by the employee to the Indian Railways after ensuring their Payscale, and every employee does have a fixed

Railway Unpaid Wage Arrears and Miscellaneous Bills Claim Form for Employee

Find here the Railway employee application form and necessary details required to process the claim of unpaid wage arrears and miscellaneous bills of their work done… Through this application form, you can apply for the extra payments that you have made for different bills related to work and wages. In the same aspect, if you

Vehicle Mortgage Bond Application of Indian Railway

The Mortgage Bond application is most preferably known as Indemnity Bond for Vehicle in the Indian Railway department which is a must to be signed application, and every entity which is in connection with the Indian Railway must have this Bond filled as per the rules & regulation defined. The main aim of this Bond

Railway Salary Slip 2021 at AIMS Portal RESS Login

Now Print or download October 2021 Railway employee salary slip through AIMS Portal at and know the pay structure, increment date, bill unit along with earnings and recoveries… Note: Due to high load observed on IPAS servers and therfore mobile App has been stopped. Indian Railway department trying to shift RESS database on separate