Purchase of Personal Computer Application for Railway Employee

Here is the prescribed advance application form designed for Railway employee for purchase of old or new personal computer on loan basis… Any of the employees of the Indian Railway Department essentially needs computers either to complete their office proceedings or either to upskill themselves for the organization. The Railway department has crafted this Purchase

Complimentary Pass Application for Widows of Railway Employee

Do check the prescribed application form for a complimentary pass for widows of Railway employee, Check the documents to be submitted for sanction of the pass… This application form can be filled in case of the demise of the working Indian Railway employee and to ensure that the Assets, Pension, and the job are carried

Appointment on Compassionate Grounds, Railway Application

Compassionate Grounds appointment Application of Railway is enclosed for ready reference, do check, and must complete the 9 pages application through proper channel… Indian Railways have various schemes and opportunities for employees to service for better running of the Railway system, and in case the employee who is serving has been ill due to medical

Combined Nomination Form of Railway for PF, CGEGIS, DCRG

Providing the attachment of combined nomination form for Railway employee to authorize the relevant to receive the share on PF, CGEIS, and DCRG amounts in case of death… Through this application form the amount of money that is saved up in your Indian Railway department provident fund to be sanctioned for the person you are

Application for Allotment / Change of Railway Quarters

You can find the new application format for allotment of Railway employee quarters or change the existing quarter for employee allowed as per DAR rules… Working in the Indian Railway Nilayam is considered a big boon because most of the times you will get a place to live which are the quarters provided by the

PF Loan Declaration Form on Marriage for Railway Employee

Providing the PF (Provident Fund) loan application form required for Railway employee to submit along with PF withdrawn request to process the case during the time of dependent marriage… If you are a government or private sector employee who has a provident fund then you have savings in your PF accounts, and if you are