Encashment of Leave on Average Pay (LAP) for Railway Employee

Do find the new application for encashment of leave on average pay issued for Railway employee, check who are applicable and whom not allowed to avail LAP benefit…

The Indian Railway Department provides different types of leaves to all their employees in order to ensure that they take care of their personal affairs and health as well.

Encashment of Leave on Average Pay
Encashment of Leave on Average Pay

An employee also receives paid leaves which can either be sick leave or general leave which if someone does not use for the duration of the time, they can, later on, try to encash the available leaves in their next salary.

In simple terms, if you have either sick leave or general leave with you then you can use this application form to write to the respective authorities at the Railway Department in order to turn these leaves into cash.

Once this application form is approved, then you will receive the payment for all the leaves that you have cashed in your next salary.

Leave Encashment Application Form for Railway Employee

Railway servants who are directly engaged in the running of trains are exempted for availing the benefit of encashment of 10 days of LAP.

This leave encashment application should reach the concerned with necessary approval of Supervisory and Leave sanctioning authority.

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