TNEB Bill Calculator Online and Mobile App to Check Future Bill

Now TNEB bill calculator service available online and through a mobile app, you may check your coming TNEB bill in advance online or with a mobile app and have a chance to reduce consumption to reduce the TNEB bill amount…

If you live in Tamilnadu then you might want to understand more about how the TNEB electricity bill is calculated because there are a lot of factors that are considered for making the changes per month based on your monthly units consumed.

So, in this article, we will be helping you understand more about the TNEB bill calculator through which you will be able to find out the number of units consumed per month based on your appliances, their average hours per day, and then looking at the TNEB tariff rules will help you understand about the total charge per month by taking into consideration the units consumed per month.

What is TNEB Bill Calculator

The Tamilnadu Electricity Board (TNEB) has created its own official bill calculator which is available on the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited (TANGEDCO) through which any of the citizens can check for the TNEB bill.

This calculator is a simple table that will help you know how much bill is generated for you monthly as per your inputs for different household appliances in the given calculator, so follow 99employee step by step guide.

Method – 1 Total charge per month bill calculator

  1. Open the TNEB bill calculator from here
  2. Under Tariff check, Select your service type from the drop-down option
  3. In the monthly cycle select either from bi-monthly or monthly
  4. Enter the amounts for contracted and consumed units and KVAH
  5. Click on the calculate option that will provide you with your total monthly charge for the consumed units.
TNEB Bill Calculator

Method – 2 Units consumed per appliance

  1. First, open the Tamilnadu bill calculator TANGEDCO website from here
  2. You will have to check for each appliance and then enter the number of appliances you have
  3. Then select how many averages hours per day under each appliance and then this will give you approximate units per month for each appliance
  4. And at the end of the table, you will find the total units per month which you have to multiply by the rate of the unit which will give you your monthly consumption for TNEB.
TNEB Load Calculator

TNEB Tariff Details

The Tamilnadu Electricity board has released the tariff details which will allow you to understand your monthly charges for consumed units.

From the above TNEB bill calculator, you will be able to receive the units consumed per month and from the below table you will multiply the unit rate.

Download Tariff Sheet

TNEB Bill Calculator Benefits and Why to use it?

The simple reason why you should use this TNEB bill calculator is because it’s easier to understand the amount of units consumed per month by taking into consideration each appliance that you use by their average amount of hours used per day.

At the same time, it gives you a chance to prepare yourself with an estimate per the total electricity bill charge for the month that will help you to save the amount to be needed to pay up for your TNEB bill charges.

And lastly, you can cross check the final bill from TNEB and your calculator charges to help you understand if there are differences allowing you to grasp more of your electricity units charged and provides you with an option to work on to reduce your bill charges based on your units charged per appliance.

TNEB Bill Calculator App

We also have an app for TNEB bill calculator for Android that is made except for those citizens of Tamilnadu who constantly use their devices to make payments, and what’s better than to use the calculator app from your device to check for your tariff rules, check your EB bill and then also be able to make online payment quickly.

This calculator app is great because it allows you to choose between different industries for each the tariff rules vary allowing you to check your bill total just by selecting your industry type from the drop-down option and then entering the consumed units along with the contracted load.

At the end, the app provides you with the best understanding of the amount to be paid by calculating all the factors such as the service type, consummated units, subsidy cost, current charges, fixed charges, and tax as well, and the best thing about this app is that it is free to download and the simple to use UI makes it great for Tamilnadu citizens to check their TNEB bill

TNEB Bill Calculator App

Are unit charges the same for all units in TNEB?

The unit charges changes based on the usage of consumers through Tamil Nadu Electricity Board. The unit charges will initially start with 3 Rs and will gradually increase with increase in units. Thus If you exceed more than 100 units or more, then you will have a different per unit price. This may obviously increase your bill.

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