Complimentary Pass Application for Widows of Railway Employee

Do check the prescribed application form for a complimentary pass for widows of Railway employee, Check the documents to be submitted for sanction of the pass…

This application form can be filled in case of the demise of the working Indian Railway employee and to ensure that the Assets, Pension, and the job are carried forward to the dependants of the employee.

At the same time, this application form can be used in order to receive a pass for traveling through the Indian Railways, and through this one will be able to receive the post-retirement complimentary pass to the dependant family member of a railway employee who is filling the application form.

Complimentary Pass Application for Widows
Complimentary Pass Application for Widows

Family members who can pertain the pass include the spouse of the employee and children as well can apply through this below mentioned form along with the enclosures

Complimentary Pass Application Form for Windows of Railway Employee

Along with the application, the spouse may submit the xerox copy of the family pension order, service certificate and death certificate, photos, identity card.

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