Railway Employee ID & Family Health Card Application

Family ID and Health Card is the most important for Railway employee, Find the new application form presented for submission to authority to sanction the same…

The Indian Railway System has varied medical courses and services for each employee that are depicted through a one for all health card that can be used by their families as well, and each employee is subjected to all the medical benefits and you need to use this application form in order to apply for the family health card.

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Family members and dependents of the employee can be a part of this family health card, so ensure to check the eligibility in the application form conditions before adding them to the health card of Railway Employee, and then apply this form to the Medical department who will approve and get back to you with your family health card and employee ID (identity).

Employee ID & Family Health Card

The employee should specify the date of birth, blood group, and relation, and if all found to be relevant as per the railway’s rules, then the authority will sanction the family health card with all family members, and it should be send through staff officer of the concerned through proper channel, where the final authority is CPO /SC of the zone for sanction of the card.

Family Health Card Application
Family Health Card Application

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