Railway RELHS Declaration for Joining ReOpened Health Scheme

Railway Pensioner can now find the prescribed declaration form for joining into reopened health scheme RELHS 1997 offered by Railway board…

The Indian Railway department allows their retired employees to opt-in for the RELHS scheme of the year 1997, and the RELHS scheme stands for Retired Employees Liberalized Health Scheme which is an effective medical scheme that every retired employee is eligible for.

Through this application, either the son, wife, or daughter of the pensioner or the employee who is retired can apply for the RELHS scheme, and during the RELHS there will be a Lock-In period where you will not be allowed to apply for any reimbursements unless any Medical board can help you challenge the decision as a necessity to pay the medical bills.

Railway RELHS Declaration
Railway RELHS Declaration

With this RELHS declaration to the Railway Department, you will be abiding that you would not be submitted any reimbursement claim in favor of self or dependent for any treatment in any private hospital.

RELHS Declaration Prescribed Form

Once you are okay with all the terms, then you can fill in the details and apply for the RELHS scheme and along with that, the new declaration should be submitted with all the necessary details like PPO number, designation, and office of the last working with a new submission.

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