Composite Transfer Grant Application for Railway Employee

A prescribed application form is attached for composite transfer grant to Railway employee who transferred from one location to another, submit the duly filled with requirements…

In the Indian Railway department, a Grant is a subject allowance or reimbursement that is provided to any individual employee depending on the occasion, and a grant is also provided to the employees in case they are asked to make a composite transfer from their current position to another department or so.

In most cases, you will not be directly given the composite transfer grant as an employee has to use this application form to ask for the reimbursement i.e, the money you have incurred over transferring and the total cost included as well.

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Do check the below prescribed Railway composite transfer grant application form and submit the duly filled with all requirements like PF relief and transfer details (transferred from, to, address of old and new stations, date of shifting to the new station, and the expenditure incurred for shifting).

Transfer Grant Application Form

The applicant may also submit the necessary transportation receipt (along with transfer grant application) given by the concerned for ready reference and evidence, and this form may send to the pay authority through proper channel from the concerned supervisor of the Railway department.

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