US Work Visa – Which Visa you can Apply to Work in USA

Which Visa you are applying to work in US for the same company in United States for a short period or longer, Check the types of US Work Visa and find how hard and how long does it take to get a us work visa…

There are multiple kinds of Visas that are provided to every foreign national for working in any selected country, and the work permit visa is not the same in all countries, where foreign nationals need to get respective country Work Permit to start their earning.

US Work Visa

The kind of Visa changes based on their term and accordingly one is given permission to enter the United States of America (USA), and this article will provide you with details about the popular visas that are provided by US nationals to Foreign Nationals, where the immigrant Visas and Non Immigrant Visas are segregated as working permits in US boundaries.

Non Immigrant Visa USA

This is a work permit that is given to foreign nationals who are willing to work for a limited period and thus you will be asked to leave the US once your visa expires.

  • H-1B Visa: This is a popular and well-known non immigrant Visa which is given by US officials to any individual for working as per their company order. One should have a bachelor’s degree or higher education to get a job and their job profile should be included in Specialty occupation. The Company which is called a US Employer must have to sponsor you by filling an I-129 petition with US Citizenship and Immigration Services to get your H1B visa process started.
  • L1 Visa: This type of visa is given to an individual who is working for a company which is not located in the US but an affiliate to the US state. This Visa is to allow the employee from the company to be transferred from foreign branch to a US branch for working or to establish a New office. L1 Visa is also made under I-129 Petition filed with USCIS by the employer to initiate the process. This visa is also segregated by the working knowledge of an employer as L1A for the managerial or executive Capacity and L1B for Specialized knowledge worker.
  • O1 visa: O1 is a non-immigrant visa which is offered to employees who are unique in their fields. While applying for an O1 visa one should be satisfied that he is well enough to prove his knowledge uniquely in a US state. To get this extraordinary O-1 visa , one should get 3 prongs out of a total of six prongs. The Prongs are High Salary Remuneration, making effective and unique contributions, Receiving Award, Achievements, Performance in Leading critical role.
  • E1 Visa: This is a specific visa which is provided to only citizens of some countries. To get an E1 visa you must be a citizen of the country with which the US has its active Trade deal. The individual must prove that he or she is coming for such substantial trade to begin in the US and a kind of money needs to be invested in US business to be fully on a Treaty Investor Visa. In this E1 visa you need to apply for a Visa in your country’s US consulate and you need any filling form USCIS like other working visas require.
  • TN Visa: The Visa created by the North American Free Trade Agreement allows only Mexican and Canadian Citizens to come for work in the US based on their requirements from their US employer. Provide that you’re a citizen of Canada or Mexico and you’re free to apply for a TN visa.

US Immigrant Visa

These are different kinds of visas that get you permanent residence in the US and you will be a green card holder very soon.

  • EB1 Extraordinary Ability: If you’re among the foreign national who achieve top mark in your profession, and which has gained you national or international award in your work. To get the EB1 Visas must achieve something beyond others such as scholarly Articles, Publications on work, Awards, Critical role in lead company, membership in Professional associations, High remuneration, High contribution and such. Thus the process does become easy if you achieve any Highmark prongs.
  • EB1 Multinational Executive: This Visa is the same kind of L1 Visa as per the requirements, but you must be a leading managerial or owner of that company. This visa is granted to higher authority to establish their resource in the US and thus given a green card for their development works. This Visa can be applied from US consulate and there is no other external process is required
  • EB1 Advanced Degree: To get this Visa you must get a sponsor for your US employer and get the PERM certification for you. The minimum quantification is to possess an US master’s degree or an equivalent degree from Foreign country. Also the work permit for permanent EB1 Advanced degree visa must have your job asking you with a high degree. Supply your higher degree documents with a Sponsor form US employer to US Citizenship and Immigration Services, will get your work permit visa approved.
  1. Can I extend my Visa after 6 months of period in the US?

    The Visa extension will be processed once your existing Visa gets to an expiry date, and thus it is always recommended to get the process of Visa Extension one month prior to avoid any circumstance, as once the Visa is expired the individual will be asked to leave the country in less than 48 hours of time.

  2. How Hard is it to get a Visa for USA?

    To get a Visa in the US you must be a citizen of the country that is preferred by the US as top priority, and as well you need to apply for a work permit with all proper qualifications and specifications you have met with selecting appropriate Visa type, where no individual will be entertained with wrong or illegal documents in the US state for any working permit.

  3. How long (maximum time) does it take to get a US Work Visa?

    The maximum time to get a work Visa will be based on your US employer sponsor and the working condition preferring your experience, and from the date of process and Visa process for any kind of work meeting all requirements will be taken less than 30 working days.