UK Work Visa, How to Get Work Permit Visa for United Kingdom

Here is the detailed guide about UK Work Visa, and the different types of Visas allowed for an employee work permit in United Kingdom, and also check the time limit to process the VISA…

The United Kingdom has got lighter rules than other countries in terms of issuing visas, and there is a score of 70 points which is checked based on the individual requirements, language and maintenance, and thus any foreign individual who is applying for a UK work permit VISA must have knowledge about this score requirements.

Anyone who has got 70 points is eligible to work in the UK and their Visa process will be initiated, and there are no restrictions for anyone to apply for the Visa, instead they should know English Language in priority, and instead the work permit in the UK is dissolved and it is named as Sponsorship.

UK Work Visa

There are few categories of Visa that are allocated to employees who come to work in the UK from their foreign nationals, and thus have a look at this category and get an appropriate that is suitable for your profile and work to begin in the UK.

UK Visas for Work Permit

  • Tier 2 General Skilled Worker
    • The process to initiate for this kind of Work Permit visa is to be initiated by a UK Employer with a certificate of Sponsorship.
    • The Tier 2 Visa requirements must be met by the employee before they can proceed to apply for this type of Visa.
    • Individuals should have scored 70 points with the combination of 30 points from sponsor form UK employer, 20 points form Appropriate Salary, 10 Points from English Language and 10 Points from Maintenance.
    • Thus having met this criterion will allow you to get your Visa initiation for a fixed period of employment.
  • Tier 2 Intra Company Transfer
    • The Foreign National who is in a work permit for a company that resides in the UK, can take a movement to another company with a new Visa process.
    • The New Company needs to send the sponsor for Visa for the individual and thus the department will begin their processing. Once the certificate of Sponsorship is received extension of Visa and transfer of Company can be processed.
    • There is no need of points to be scored here, as this part has been done in your visa process at initial stage, but a reassessment will be done based on your new position that is being advertised as vacant.
  • Tier 2 Sportsperson Visa
    • Any individual who is skilled in terms of Sports and their contribution in UK sports can make some development, and thus any such foreign individual is free to apply for a Sportsperson Visa in the UK to contribute to UK sports.
    • Thus an individual must have been recognized as an international player and must qualify the entrance exam conducted, where the Sportsperson certificate will score you 50 points and get another 20 points from English language and maintenance respectively.
  • UK Work Permits and Permanent Residency
    • Any foreign national who has been working in the UK for a term of 5 years continuously on Work Permit is eligible for permanent residence.
    • Once the 5 years term complies the foreign national will be for indefinite Leave and will be followed by British Naturalization as an UK citizen.
  • Intra Company and Permanent Residency
    • If you have a work permit under Tier 2 UK Visa, then you can apply for permanent residency if your term in the UK has met 5 years of time.
    • The individual should have met the requirements and a sponsorship letter from the new employer for your work recruitment.
    • A process of reassessment against the current points will confirm your Visa and there you can proceed to apply for permanent Residency which will be considered under British Naturalization.

Can I Apply for permanent residence in the UK after 4 years of Work Permit?

No, the minimum term to apply for permanent residence in the UK is at least 5 years, and including the employer sponsor to be extended to make your eligible for permanent residence, where the working experience should be continuous and there shouldn’t be any breaks which will break the chain of years worked in the UK.

Is it easy to get a work permit in the UK?

The term work permit is no more used in the UK and it is instead termed as a sponsorship which is given by a UK employer for the employee based on their eligibility and selection, and the process to apply for a working visa will be much easier and processed once an UK employer has a sponsor for you.

How Long does it take for a Work Visa in the UK?

The earliest possible date is 3 months from the date of your Applying and once the Visa confirmation is made, you need to make a decision within 3 week about how soon you’re willing to start working in your new office in the UK and how soon you will be able to travel.

Can i get a Work Visa in the UK without a Job Offer?

No, to get a work visa you need to get a sponsor from a UK employer for a specified position with all eligible qualifications being met.

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