UK Investor VISA for Foreign Investor – Process Guide

UK Investor VISA basic information is available. Find the Investment Fund, Visa application process and requirements to process the VISA…

The United Kingdom brings easier process for different types like UK Work Visa. Now Investor visa, which even said easier when compares with other countries VISA process. The individual who want to become a permanent resident in quick time and as well want to get their investment in country, can go with Investor VISA.

There are different TIER UK Investor VISA that may used based on the recruitment and the investment fund. The United Kingdom allows any non-United Kingdom individual to bring their spouse and children with them through a Investor VISA, if they make the United Kingdom their primary home by spending good time. As well, investors making huge investments rewarded with UK citizens subjected to rules.

UK Investor VISA

Let us go through some benefits of UK Investor VISA, which does bring additional benefits in residence as listed below.

  • Get eligible for Health care system and high standard education
  • Get opportunities throughout Europe for Business
  • Can add Spouse, Children’s in UK Visa as dependent
  • Applicants can be from Switzerland and the European Economic Area
  • Get the advantage of security and mobility of UK passport
  • Chance to become UK permanent Residents by applying indefinite Leave
  • Permanent resident does get ability to live, study and work in UK
  • Investors can apply for citizenship after being permanent residence for 1 year

Investment Fund

An individual who wants to get UK Investor VISA, has to make some investment in the United Kingdom as per their wishes. An investment of at least 20 Lakhs GBP and the 100 percent investment amount to be through share capital or loan active capital or from registered UK companies. The investment funds used within the UK and might not moved outside the country.

During the UK Investor VISA application process, the internet fund can be in the United Kingdom or outside the UK. The funds utilized in the UK once the VISA process processed, else the VISA cancelled if the individual didn’t meet the rules.


An individual will have to go through the below said requirements before they are applying for UK Investor VISA. Only once the lists completed, the VISA process initiated.

  • Individuals must have an investment account or UK bank account
  • The investment fund must be in account at least 2 years prior to application
  • Funds shown for Investor VISA, must be legal and have no fraud connection
  • Investors and their family must spend 50 percent of their Time in UK
  • UK made as their primary home, by utilizing most of the time here
  • Investor must be 18 years when applying for VISA
  • An criminal record certificate with no criminal convictions shown
  • As per residence, the tuberculosis test has to be provided
  • Investors can increase their investment fund, to be in the UK for indefinite leave

UK Investor Visa Application Process

The UK Investor VISA application has submit to the UK embassy or consulate which is nearest to your currently living country. The application processed and an initial VISA of 3 years may issued. The applicant has to approve their investment and upon regular updates, the Investor VISA extended for a further 2 years.

The investor applying for indefinite leave to Remain can apply based on their investment, as the higher the investment fund. The time for providing the permanent residence may lowered. Thus investors have to choose their investment wisely and invest in the UK to become the permanent resident as quickly as possible.

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  1. What is UK Investor VISA Tier 1?

    The UK Investor VISA Tier 1 is an investment program which brings residence to the investor. This Visa include a high net worth of investment for the non-EU investors, which make them permanent residents of the UK based on their investments.

  2. Why is my UK Investor VISA denied?

    The UK VISA is all about the investment and then funds you bring to the United Kingdom. The company which you invest in or the firm your applying for must inside the United Kingdom and the funds are real with legal proof, if these requirements not met then Investor VISA denied.

  3. Does UK Investor VISA accept Loan investment?

    Yes, the VISA allows the investor to go through the loan investment process but the entry investment made within United Kingdom and their capital used within United Kingdom.