CBI Full Form in English / Hindi & Eligibility to Get into CBI

Let us check CBI Full form and complete information. Also Know formation history of CBI followed by How to get into it and What is the eligibility criteria…

CBI Full Form

Full form of CBI stands for Central Bureau of Investigation. This is the best and leading investigating agency of India. CBI deals with the top level or big shot cases in India. Cases that includes corruption of public officials or high ecenomic levels incase of fraud, dealt by CBI.

CBI does not investigates or involves in the general or routine cases. That cases are simply dealt by the police force present in local. Let us know the detailed information of CBI, How it formed, eligibility to join in CBI and many more with this article.

Central Bureau of Investigation

CBI Full Form in Hindi

We just completed CBI full form and it’s basic information in English. Now just take a look at CBI full form in Hindi. In Hindi Central Bureau of Investigation is called as केंद्रीय जांच ब्यूरो. It pronounces as Kendhriya Jaanch Bureau in Hindi.

Formation of Central Bureau of Investigation

Central Bureau of Investigation is formed by the central government of India. CBI came into force in 1946 from the Delhi Special Police Establishment(DSPE) Act, 1946. Due to section 2 of the DSPE Act, they only allowed to do investigation in Union Territories.

Then power can be extended to investigate railway areas and some states under section 5 of Act. Also State Government has to supports their investigation under the section 6 Act of DSPE.

Executive officers with the rank of Sub Inspector(SI) or above, can have all powers to take charge in any police station of that area where the investigation requires. But finally Indian government starts CBI by a revolution dated 1st April,1963.

Divisions given to CBI in 1963

To control wide range of issues and frauds that deals with railways, ports or telegraph departments, mainly that involves professional criminals managing on several states. The divisions that given to CBI in 1963 are as follows:

  • Crime records and Statistic Division
  • Research Division
  • Technical Division
  • Legal and General Division
  • Administration Division
  • Investigation and Anti Corruption Division

How to get into CBI

Many have dream to join in Central Bureau of Investigation. There mainly two exams held in India every year to get into CBI. They are UPSC and SSC.

  • If you are aiming for Sub Inspector post in CBI, you have to must go through SSC CGL exam.
  • You must pass the Combined Graduate Level(CGL) exam conducted by SCL.
  • If you are aiming for group A officer post in CBI, you must clear Civil service examination conducted by UPSC and become an IAS officer.

Eligibility to get into CBI

As mention above, you must clear above exams as per your preference. Then there are some eligibility criteria for getting into CBI. They are:

  • After clearing SSC CGL exam, you have to go through four stages conducted by Staff Selection Commission (SSC).
  • You can get post as SI in CBI, if you successfully complete all those four stages of CGL conducted by SSC.
  • Aspirant must have a Bachelor Degree from any recognized institution to appear in that exam.
  • There is age limit for appearing in SSC CGL exam to get post in different departments
  • Age Limit – 18 to 30 years (General category)
  • There is relaxation period of Age limit based on category you belongs to.

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CID and CBI are same ?

No. CID comes under the state government and CBI comes under central government. CBI deals with crimes involves across states or inter state cases.

Can i join in cbi after completion my 12th class ?

No. You must have a bachelor degree from recognized institution. After that you must clear four stages of Combined Graduate Level exam (CGL) conducted by Staff Selection Commission (SSC).

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