BMO Internship – Eligibility, Apply, Salary, Interview Questions, Review

Obtain complete knowledge on BMO internship, eligibility criteria and simple guide for how to apply for it. Also various fine arts offering by them followed by most asked interview questions.

What is BMO student internship program one may wonder. BMO (Bank of Montreal) offers students a dynamic working environment, networking and career growth opportunities.

This internship program focuses mainly on post-secondary students who interested in a career in financial service. This internship program works on overall nurturing of the interns and teaches them how to take responsibility at managing assets and avoid/ minimize losses. 

BMO Internship Eligibility

To apply for an internship program at BMO (Bank of Montreal), there are few criteria you need to ponder upon, starting with 

  • The B.M.O internship program welcomes, citizens of Canada, permanent residents, and international students.  
  • Applicants for the internship program must enroll in one of the ongoing undergraduate programs. 
  • The applicants for the internship program strictly advised to attach the unofficial transcript report along with the correctly filled application form. 
  • Only undergraduate students in second or third year of studies allowed to apply for internship 
  • The next category of eligible students includes those who have at least 24 credits towards their degree.
  • Unfortunately, the students completed their graduation not advised/allowed to apply for internship as they are not eligible for the internship program. 
BMO Internship

The next segment of eligibility criteria for internship at B.M.O are the ones that ensure that the internship program held by N.G.O. (Non-governmental organizations) which includes schools, libraries, art therapy sites, museums, artist-run center, co-ops, community theaters and exhibition spaces etc.

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Also the N.G.O. (Non-governmental organizations) cannot be the one under the authorization of Concordia University. The place for the internship program may strictly restricted to the Greater Montreal region. 

How to Apply for BMO Internships 

After checking all the eligibility criteria, simply apply for the preferred BMO internships if you are eligible for it. To do this just follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Visit official site of BMO interns using link
  2. Search for the job title or keyword in the search box available
  3. You can apply for one or more intern that are available under searched category based on your skills and qualification
  4. Provide your information and Resume and submit the form
  5. Students who selected from resume screening can eligible for first round of interview
  6. You will be provided some specific roles and you can choose four roles to discuss up with recruiter.
  7. If you satisfies your recruiter, you will select to second round of interview with Hiring Manager
  8. Finally selected students from the second round contacted to join in intern

BMO Capital Markets Summer Internship 

BMO Capital Market is one of the leading financial service providers that offers a list of services to the client over the globe namely treasury management, investment banking and research and advisory services.  

They have offices over thirty-five locations over the world with an amazing number of twenty-three offices in north America itself. Also offer employment to over two thousand seven hundred professionals. 

They are member of BMO Financial Group and have over US dollar 861 billion as assets and they are the 8th largest Bank in north America in terms of assets. BMO (Bank of Montreal) capital markets offers two sorts of consolidate summer internship programs. 

BMO Summer investment and corporate internship

Developing and maintaining complex financial models. Building models to illustrate projected results and also it values to the companies including various kinds of performing financial analyses and costing. It is a four-month program, applicable for the people looking for the field experience.

The very first priority of these is to execute the transaction and marketing values. The program mainly done before MBA (Master of Business Administration). 

BMO Summer sale and trading associate internship

This is also a four-month internship program for those candidates who is looking for the real work experience, but mostly done by the MBA (Master of Business Administration) students before completing their MBA (Master of Business Administration) course.

The main motive of this program is to enhance the real potential of the worthy candidates who have the ability to secure full-time employment at BMO (Bank of Montreal) capital market after the completion of their degree. In this internship program, the work is to assist with sales, trading, and a strategy of limiting risks in financial assets.  

BMO Fine Arts Offering in UG Program

A list of the undergraduate program offered within fine arts listed below. Check all the arts offering to make a best choice that suits you.

Film Studies

Film studies are a branch under Fine Arts that deals with various approaches to cinema in theoretical, historical and critical virtue as an art form and a medium.

It is often understood as the synonym of media studies, and it’s debate with comparison with television studies still prevails but rather than focusing on advancing proficiency in film production. It’s more concerned with seeking the real narrative that is the artistic, cultural and economic and political application of the cinema.

It also takes a critical approach. In the analysis of production, theoretical advancement, context and creation. This field is in great demand seeing the modern trend and so is the industry. 

Film Production

This branch of Fine arts focuses on production of films which includes events like story conceptualization, editing, script writing, directing, shooting, lighting, editing as films are the medium through which the director conveys his message to the audience. 

Film Animation

One of the most creative sectors in demand seeing the modern youth and increased use of animations .it has opened the door of storytelling in a unique and creative way.

Now the stories not only include a bunch of texts, but rather filled with bunch of moving images and texts that pull the viewer towards itself of any sort of age. 

Art History

This field of study allows students to explore art history and vast sectors of visual culture from the ancient era to recent incidents. This field also opens the door of overseas opportunities.  

Studio Arts

This is a beginning level course and having drawing experience is not necessary. It is advised that students with great interest go for this field as it a highly creative field that mostly related to one’s own thinking.

Design and Computational Arts: – This field/area particularly focuses on architecture, landscape and Urbanism. 

BMO Internship Interview Questions 

The interview for the selection of BMO internship shoots a bunch of deep questions which one cannot memorize and has to answer on the basis of instant thinking. Few of the questions listed below 

How can BMO motivate you on the job? 

  • He is best motivated through words of praise and recognition for a job well done.
  • He does like to know that his efforts noticed.
  • In his current position, they have a leader board and he does like that concept because it creates a healthy bit of personal competition for him as well. 

How long will it take you to make a meaningful contribution to our team at BMO? 

If the applicant interested in making an impact on the organization right away and has already crafted a plan to make that happen.

He is a very strong business development professional. He plans to take the territory and expand it to include additional rural areas. This should amount to a strong increase in revenue within the first 9 months of me on boarding. 

His plan if hired by BMO, is to make an impact as soon as possible. He has researched this position and is very eager so he has created a 90-day impact plan that he would love to share with the company 

BMO Student Internship Review 

Overall, the ex-interns at the Bank of Montreal have given the overall experience a thumb. Mentioning the trend of feedback, a former AML analyst mentions that, overall, his/her experience was wonderful as being new in Toronto he/ she learnt a lot from the people there.

He/ she also advises the newbie to open up and seek help as people there are very kind and helpful. The applicant mentions that being naive is okay but not trying to mend our deeds is a big no and neither appreciated nor tolerated at any cost.

Another intern at Milwaukee mentions that the environment is very motivating and helpful. One of the customer services representatives at Onalaska quarter mentions that the healthy environment helped him/her to grow as a person and develop his/her sales skills to a great extent.

The applicant is now good at communication and can hold any conversation without hesitation and advice the newbies to keep their professional and personal life separate as one may suffer from anxiety and stress by mixing both and creating a mess. 

Bank of Montreal Wealth Management Internship 

Wealth management internship at BMO is one of the highly demanded fields of learning as the course suggests wealth management. Not everyone can work and manage wealth or finance it requires a deep knowledge of market operations, assets and liabilities along with the profit and risk it has to offer.

Well along with the risks comes the fee. It is one of the high paying internships and the competition here is cut throat and thus one needs to be determined as well as proficient in order to excel.

The BMO (Bank of Montreal) offers the interns a Great exposure to the world along with guidance in case the things go south and every intern is treated respectfully and taught in similar manner along with a healthy environment of competition for the upliftment.

Finally the brilliant of them all are hired by  the BMO even before the internship period. Students can start their carrier as a professional leaving behind the tag of newbie. 

Bank of Montreal Internship Salary 

Generally, the interns at such reputed and valuable firm not paid well incentives and their complain usually revolves around the incentives. Also the ill treatment they face at the firm, keeping that in mind the BMO (Bank of Montreal) being one of the largest bank in north American area.

We try our level best to ensure proper treatment and a meaningful incentive along with a healthy competition for their growth and development of the interns. The pay is generally around 20-25 US dollars per hour. But the incentive varies according to the place among their global offices and working hours. 

What are the benefits of being a BMO intern?

Doing intern at BMO is very beneficial for the students who want to start their career good. Some the major benefits are competitive salaries and networking opportunities with experienced professionals.

You will get access to training and development programs followed by to get a chance to make full time opportunity at BMO.

What are the fields available at BMO to do internships ?

BMO provides wide variety of internship offers in different departments and business areas. Some of them are banking, finance, Capital Markets, technology, marketing and communication, risk management and many more. You can select among all these based on your skills and interest.

How does a BMO intern take benefits of the networking opportunities offered by the company ?

BMO interns can get lot of advantages of the networking oppotunities offered by the BMO in multiple ways. You can avail benefits by attending BMO events and workshops.

Also able to reach out to BMO employees through email or LinkedIn. Also interns can join in BMO employee resource groups to improve leadership skills. Interns can join BMO mentorship programs for getting career advice.

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