Dental Hygienist Salary in Average at USA Locations

As the name suggests, the dental hygienist is a person that works besides a dentist and the Dental Hygienist salary varied at different locations in USA, The major work allotted to the dental hygienist is to provide therapeutic as well as preventive oral care to all the patients having any dental problem.

Factors on which salary of Dental Hygienist depends

The salary of dental hygienist depends on many factors like

  • Years of experience.
  • Type of industry.
  • Geographic Location.
  • Locality – rural, urban, semi-urban, etc.
Dental Hygienist Salary

Average Dental Hygienist Salary in USA

As of May 2021, according to U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, the average Gross salary of dental hygienist is $77,810+. The lowest average salary stands at about $54,800 and the highest is about $103,340. Here, I am giving you a list of Annual mean wage salary of Dental Hygienist’s in different states

StateAnnual Salary
New Jersey$87070
North Carolina (NC)$72500
Texas $75970

If we talk about the state which offers highest average mean salary to the dental hygienist, Alaska stands at first place with $60.50/hour salary, i.e. $115,510/year. Colaroado stands at last for about $46.40/hour, i.e. $86,890/year.

Dental Hygienist Responsibilities

Here, I am enlisting just a few but most important responsibilities of a Dental Hygienist.

  • Cleaning and polishing Teeth.
  • Continuous assessment and examination of the Oral Health.
  • Treatments like fluoride treatments, sealants application, etc.
  • Treatment charting and reporting.
  • Taking X-Rays.
  • Educating Patients.

Study Requirements for Becoming Dental Hygienist

For becoming a dental hygienist one requires a degree from an accredited institute, state licensing and sometimes previous experience as well.The completion of degree requires 3 years to complete. The course includes the following

  • Anatomy
  • Medical ethics
  • Periodontics

What are some of the similar jobs like Dental Hygienist?

Dental Assistant, Dental Laboratory Technician, Health Educator, Orthodontist, Dentist, etc. are some of the jobs related to Dental Hygienist.

How can dental Hygienists increase their salary?

There are many ways in which dental hygienists can increase their salary. They can change their employer, gain advanced degree, and add more skills and experience.

What is the expected job outlook for dental hygienist?

The expected projections of employment of dental hygienist is around 9 percent for the years 2021 to 2031. It is expected to be one of the fastest growing occupation. The projections suggest that there will be an opening of about 16,300 dental hygienists per year.

In how much time we can complete the course of dental hygienist?

It takes about 3 years to complete.

What is the median annual salary of dental hygienist?

The average median salary of dental hygienist is about $77,810.

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