Medical Assistant Salary in USA for Hourly to Annually

Medical Assistant is a special post in the healthcare industry. A medical assistant performs a variety of clinical tasks like keeping track of patient history, symptoms, preparing the patient for various tests, giving medication, etc. Sometimes, he/she also performs administrative duties like – answering phones, billing, scheduling appointments, etc.

Medical Assistant Salary

Medical Assistant Salary

The salary statistics of any kind of job are tracked by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Well, the median hourly wage stands at about $17.23. The average annual salary stands at about $35,850 per year. The average lowest salary is $26,860 and highest is $51,300.

Qualification for becoming medical assistant: For this, one needs to complete a medical assistant program. Certification is mandatory for some of the states, while for some other states, it is not required.

Tasks and responsibilities of registered medical assistant

Some of the major duties performed by the registered medical assistants are

  • Help physicians in examining the patients.
  • Administration of medicines.
  • Perform some routine tests like pulse oximetry, ECG (Electrocardiogram), BP monitoring, etc.
  • Performing some basic lab tests.
  • Administrative duties like scheduling appointment,
  • Taking care of medical procedures like wound care, minor surgeries, etc.

Average Medical Assistant Salary in USA

DurationAppr. Average Salary
Per Day$130+

Now let’s check the average salaries of medical assistants based on their job experience in their fields.

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Medical Administrative Assistant Salary

Now talking about Medical Administrative Assistant, simply called as MAAs are the one who manage the administrative work in medical field.

There are wide variety of job role offers for Medical administrative assistants. based on their job role, salary also provided to them. Some of the main job roles of Medical Administrative assistants are :

  • Hospital receptionist
  • Report preparation
  • Bill handling
  • Welcoming the patients
  • Planning appointments
  • Maintaining the patient records

Job qualification for MAA in US

Also there are some more job roles available in US for Medical Administrative Assistant. Now coming to the job qualification, if you want to become a MAA, then you have to must complete high school diploma or any equal graduation and also some training needed in that particular field.

You can also do training in both online or in physical courses to get certification. This will help you to get Medical Administrative Assistant role easily. Now we will discuss about Average Salary of Medical Administrative Assistant in US :

Average Salary of Medical Administrative Assistant in USA

According to recent records of MAA’s salaries in US, there is an estimated note on the approximate salaries per year, month and also per hour. So let’s check the note given below:

DurationAverage Salary Upto
per day$192+

Medical Administrative Assistant Salary based on their experience in USA

Job Experience (in years)Avg. Monthly Salary (in US dollars)Avg. Annual Salary (in US dollars)
1 to 2265036000
2 to 5280040000
5 to 9305043000

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Certified Medical Assistant Salary

Let’s talking about Medical assistants in US, first we have to discuss about their job roles and qualification. Medical assistants are different from Medical administrative assistant in the medical field.

As medical assistants are the ones who can deals with both administrative work and as well as Clinical work in hospitals. As we already discussed the job roles of medical administrative assistants, so now have a look on some clinical tasks:

  • Drawing blood
  • Injecting patients
  • monitoring patients
  • performing minor medical process

Medical assistants mainly work under any surgeon or senior doctors to train themselves some medical work.

To get a job of medical assistant, you must have to complete a official medical assistant training that lasts atleast a year and certified by Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) or Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES).

After that you need to attend a exam called Certified Medical Assistant and must have to qualify in it. So salaries of medical assistants may vary based on their job role and job experience. Lets check the average salary of a Medical assistant in USA

Average Medical Assistant Salary based on Job Experience in US

Job Experience (In years)Avg. Monthly Salary (in US dollars)Avg. Annual Salary (in US dollars)
1 to 22550+31000+
2 to 52800+34500+
5 to 93000+38000+
9 +3500+45000+

Medical Assistant Salary per hour

There are many job roles available in the field of Medical assistants in US. Now coming to Certified medical assistants, they are nothing but normal traditional medical assistants who qualify in the exam and certified by CMA by attending the exam that offered by Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) or Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES).

So Certified Medical assistants must have the above qualifications and with one to two years of job experience may offers high-range salary in the US.

Actually, Certified Medical Assistants (CMA) earn more salary than normal medical assistants. So, let’s check the average salary of Certified Medical assistants in US :

Average Salary of Certified Medical Assistant in USA

DurationAverage Salary
Per day$185

Now let’s have a look on the average salary of Certified medical assistants based on their job experience.

Job Experience (in Years)Avg. Hourly SalaryAvg. per day salaryAvg. Weekly Salary
1 to 217.5182752
2 to 518.2195802
5 to 919200835
9 +20.5+220920

**All the average salaries are in US dollars

Traveling Medical Assistant Salary in US

Now coming to Traveling Medical Assistants, they are the ones who are employed by Staffing agency and works at different places for temporarily. Traveling medical assistant are different from normal medical assistants.

They acquire more skills and have good experience in that particular field. Traveling medical assistants (TMA) are very helpful to doctors or in clinics if any extra add on needed for them. So they paid more than a normal medical assistant.

The qualification of TMA’s is the same that required for traditional medical assistant. But they are some better in skills and have some some experience and also employed by Staffing agency so they paid more.

The need of traveling medical assistants is more in USA and now check the average salary of TMAs in US :

Average salary of Traveling Medical Assistant in US

DurationAverage Salary
Per day$195

But also the salary changes based on the job experience of traveling medical assistant. So let’s have a look on the average salary of traveling medical assistant in US.

Job Experience (in Years)Avg. Hourly SalaryAvg. Per day SalaryAvg. Weekly SalaryAvg. Monthly SalaryAvg. Annual Salary
< 1 year19.52121064425751095
1 to 2212161075430351638
2 to 522.5222.61113445253424
5 to 9242301146458455009
9 +262371183473456854

Is a medical assistant a good career?

It offers steady growth and career option. It offers promising growth.

How to become a medical assistant?

Get a medical assistant diploma from a recognized institute. You can opt for becoming any of the following – CCMA (Certified Clinical Medical Assistant), COA (Certified Ophthalmic Assistant), NCMA (National Certified Medical Assistant), or PMAC (Podiatric Medical Assistant Certification).

How much does a registered medical assistant make?

A registered medical assistant earns an average annual salary of about $37,190.

How much do medical assistants make in California?

The average annual salary of a medical assistant in California is a bit higher than that of the other states, which stands at about $47,293 per year.

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