Walmart Job Application to Apply for Job at Walmart

There are various ways in which you can apply for a Walmart Jobs for which you can apply for job in online mode as well as offline mode.

Walmart Job Application

Walmart Application

In-store application – In-store Walmart application is the offline mode used by applicants. Go to your nearest Walmart store and ask them if there are any available job positions. They might provide you with an application form to fill it to apply to walmart. They might tell you to fill out the form online. Do as directed. Next lane

Walmart Online application – for this, you need to visit the courier’s website of Walmart that is Search this fight for job openings available in your area. You might be asked to open an account on the website. Do as directed as above and then fill out the application form.

Tips for filling out Walmart Job Application

Resume/CV (curriculum vitae) -Just update your resume with relevant education, work experience, skills you possess, and qualifications that make you suitable for a job at Walmart.

Application form – Fill out the application form with the correct information like education, history of employment, your name, mobile number, etc.

Proofread job application – It is important that you check the application thoroughly before submitting it on the portal. Take your time. Only select those jobs which match your skill set and not otherwise.

Workers for which you are available – You need to mention your availability for the work. The shift for which you are comfortable must be mentioned correctly.

The best part of doing a job in Walmart is it operates in various shifts including morning, evening, holidays, weekends, etc. So choose the best one for you and mention it.

Follow up – Once you apply, do not forget to follow up on it online or with the store. Continuous follow-up also shows your interest in the position and increases your chances of being recruited.

Walmart Job Application Online

Applying for a job using Walmart job application online is very easy, so just follow the steps discussed below

  1. Go to the Walmart careers website i.e.
  2. Search for job opportunities on the website of the Walmart. You can search for jobs in various ways. Based on location, job title, etc.
  3. Before applying for the job you need to create an account on the Walmart careers website. For creating the account you need to provide youre-mail address, and you also need to create a strong password. They might ask you to fill in your personal information.
  4. While filling out the application form make sure to provide accurate information.
  5. It is time to upload your resume. You can upload your resume directly.
  6. You will then see various questions on the screen. These questions are to assist the eligibility for the job. It is recommended that you answer these screening questions honestly.
  7. Finally, submit your application. Before submitting, cross-check all the information and look for any gaps if any. Submit your application, if you are satisfied.
  8. Keep on taking follow-ups for your job application. It shows your interest in the position you applied for. It increases the chance of your selection.

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How to Call Walmart about Job Application

If you don’t want to reach out to Walmart physically for Job Application, you can visit their official site and search for the store where you want to apply for the job. The link to find is

You will then get the information about the store. You will also find the store’s phone number. Dial that number. Once it connects, tell them to further connect it to the Hiring Department.

Your call will then be transferred to them and you can express your interest in a job of your choice. Ask them about how you can apply and the documentation required for the same.

Note the information carefully, ask your doubts, and then show your gratitude for helping them with the information.

The application process varied depending on the location of the Store and other requirements.

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How to Login to Walmart Job Application

  1. To log in to Walmart’s job application, go to Walmart’s Careers Website. The link is
  2. Click the ‘Sign In’ or ‘Log in’ tab, whatever is available.
  3. On the Walmart login page, enter your username/email address followed by the password. In case, you have not created an account on the Walmart page, create one.
  4. Click on the Sign In or Log in tab.
  5. Now, you will be able to access the job openings and complete the application process.

How to Check the Walmart Job Application Status

  1. Go to the Walmart Careers Website at
  2. Click the Login or SignIn button.
  3. Enter the Login credentials.
  4. Go to your dashboard or profile page. Search for the ‘Application Status’ option.
  5. You will then be able to see the submitted job applications.
  6. Click on the job application for which you want to check the status.
  7. You will be able to see any one option from either of the three – ‘Under Review’, ‘In Progress’, or ‘Completed’. If there is some additional information, you will be able to check that also.
  8. If the status is not updated, you can reach out to the HR department and ask for their help.

How Can I Revise My Active Walmart Job Application Status

You have to follow the whole process discussed above for checking the Walmart Job application status.

Once you see the status of the job application, click on the application detail page. You might find options like ‘Revise Application’, ‘Edit Application’, etc.

You will then be directed to the application form where you can make changes as per your requirement. Don’t forget to save the changes made by clicking on the ‘Submit’ or ‘Save’ tab.

How Long does it take to reply to Walmart for job applications

Well, the duration of response for different job applications varies for different kinds of jobs depending on the location, the position applied for, the volume of applications received, etc.

Mostly, applicants receive a response within a few weeks. But remember, that due to the high influx of job applications, every application might not get a response.

In this case, it is better to follow up to show your interest in the position and know your chances of getting a job.

How Can i Apply for a Greater Job at Walmart

  1. Go to Walmart’s Career page.
  2. Enter the keyword in the search box to find the relevant job opening. Search keywords like supervisor, manager, etc.
  3. You will get a job list to browse.
  4. Read the description of the Job, and if you find it suitable, click on the ‘Apply’ tab.
  5. When you do that, you will be asked to log in to the portal. If you already have an account, enter the details, and if you don’t have one, create one.
  6. Fill out the Application form and upload your resume.
  7. Review your application, and make the required changes.
  8. Click on the ‘Apply’ or ‘Submit’ tab at the end.
  9. You will then get an acknowledgment message confirming that your application has been received by Walmart.

Do we require to upload our resume or CV for Walmart Job at Walmart’s site?

For hourly roles, no requirement. But for higher posts, or if you want to upload your CV, you can do so by accessing the section where you can add your CV to your application.

If I stop the Walmart job application process in the middle for some reason, can I finish it later?

Yes, you can do it by accessing it from the section saved drafts.

If I am not selected for Walmart Job, will I get any intimation for the same?

Yes, if not selected for the interview, you will be informed of the same.

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