Railway Scholarship Application for Higher Education from SBF

Find the scholarship application of the Railway Department and the enclosures to be submitted on the requirement for sanction…

Railways do provide the scholarship services to the ward of employees who are eligible for it, and this is an agreed facility provided by the Indian Railways to children of employees so that they can move ahead in their life with quality education.

Based on the Grade pay of the employee the scholarship will be decided and thus the agreed amount will be directly transferred to the educational institutions.

Railway Scholarship Application
Railway Scholarship Application

This makes Indian Railway employee children worthy, as there are numerous programs provided by the Government, but this is only specific with the ward of employees of Indian Railways.

The employee of the Railway Department can submit the following duly filled application to the concerned Secretary of SBF committee through proper channel (Pass Issing Officer > Controlling Officer) by approving with necessary recommendations

Higher Education Scholarship Application

Enclosures to submit: Application + Annexure + Attested Copies of exam passed

The enclosed Annexure must have to submit along with the Railway application, which is mandatory to be issued by College authorities certifying that he/she not in receipt of any Scholarship from any other sources and also not exempted from payment of a fee, and along with a bonafide certificate, the Railway applicant should submit one set of attested copies of marks list.

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