BSNL Salary Slip Download at ERP Portal for Income, Deduction, Tax & Net Pay

Find here the new process about how to download BSNL salary slip online at ERP portal for April 2024 pay bill and how many times you can print BSNL pay slip from the HRMS portal or BSNL ESS…

BSNL Salary Slip

BSNL is the leading public sector telecom company in India has huge number of employees working for them, when so many employees are working for a company then they should be able to check their confidential information without much discomfort.

Handling a big workforce leads to a lot of time investment by the HR and finance workforce as well as lot of effort for the employees to assess the basic information.

Download or Print BSNL Salary Slip Online at

To address all these issues, ERP BSNL has created as SAP portal which helps to check the basic information about themselves in the portal, and checking / download the salary slip and knowing the benefits of the salary month, along with deductions / taxes which is one of the basic requirements for any BSNL employee.

Here we elaborate about the assessing Salary slip for BSNL employee, so one needs to fulfill the following requirements to download or print pay slip on requirement.

  • One needs to have an internet connection and a good browser Google Chrome/IE
  • User ID and Password, one also needs to have a user ID and Password for assessing the website securely

Let us now look at the detailed process of downloading/printing the BSNL salary slip

BSNL Payslip Download

  1. Employee needs to open the google chrome /IE browser and login to the SAP ESS portal of BSNL employee on the HRMS login page. One needs to click on the link
  2. After the login page opens on the system, now the user needs to provide their HRMS number which should include 8-digit number and should ignore the 1st digit
  3. Now the user needs to provide the password to the portal to login to the BSNL ERP portal, and One should keep the password safe and not share with anyone.
  4. Now the employee needs to click on the Employee Self-service, and this will open a page where the user can check various options pertaining to his personal account which includes pay, leaves, claim, travel and expenses etc.
  5. After this the Employee needs to click on the pay information tab to check information such as salary statement, salary summary, EPF details etc.
  6. Now one needs to click on salary statement, One needs to select the month for which you need to download, and after selecting the specific month, the user needs to click on Submit.
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Get BSNL Payslip through Email and Print on Requirement

One can download his/her BSNL pay slip any number of times as per the requirement, and employee can also add his email address which will send the pay slip to the employee’s email ID directly without any prompt.

  • Once the user gets the salary slip in his email ID, the employee can simply download the file without the requirement of any password on personal identification, and all the employees can access the ERP ESS account on the HRMS account from anywhere using the internet or intranet.

Employees can download the pay slip for the previous month also the user can download the pay slip for their entire career using BSNL ERP portal and it is just that the information should be there at the backend of the ERP portal, so in most cases the user can download the salary slip since the time ERP system for BSNL was launched.