BSNL ERP SAP ESS Portal for Employee HRMS Services

Login to SAP ESS portal BSNL ERP at and configure the settings of IRJ portal with new, Download pay slip and reset locked password with email, view pay information, income tax details, apply leave, apply VRS and more…


One of the main reasons why the BSNL employees should be using the ERP portal is for self-service. BSNL is one of the India’s leading telecom and broadband service provider with lakhs of employees across India. And it is to be understood that managing every employee becomes easier with Enterprise resource planning strategy.

In that context BSNL has started using ERP ESS portal for employees which means BSNL enterprise resource planning Employee self-service. In this portal every employee will be given access to their own Username and Password to get access to different information and services such as Salary Slips, Basic Pay, IDA, different income subscriptions, benefits and loans that they can get.

Most importantly every employee wants to know their monthly pay which in terms of finance is called as “Basic Pay” which we received in our bank accounts, Once BSNL employees have access to their accounts they can find what their basic pay is along with other monthly benefits they might receive.


The enterprise resource planning portal provides the following to the organization employees

Salary Slips : Salary slip for your period of working in BSNL can be accessed from the portal. You will be allowed to download the salary slip for whole or can download even selected months slips – Download Now the required.

Salary Structure : There are people who do not know their own salary structure and pay details. And you can find your basic monthly pay, incremental benefits, travel & food benefits that can be added to your salary. Along with that information regarding the EPF/GPF is also available.

EPF Passbook : Employee provident fund of India has made it mandatory to have every employee in an organization to have a PF account. Under this, every month you will be charged around 1.5% of your salary and will be saved in your own PF account under BSNL company. But you are free to have a look at all your PF savings till now and can decide to withdraw the amount from EPF services as well – Get your EPF Passbook details.

Insurance of Employee : BSNL provides insurance service to all its employees where each one of them gets to select the type of insurance, term of insurance and benefits that comes along with it. If you want to make any changes or add any of your family members to your insurance plan you can do that while accessing the BSNL ERP ESS portal.


What more can we do with BSNL ERP Portal – Employee Guide

I understand that every employee might not know all the features and uses of this tool which is why we are going to list the reason, So, that you will understand how you can use the ERP portal to redefine your work and usage after completion of BSNL ERP portal registration.

Every employee can use ERP Portal on BSNL for – Major Uses

Employee Search

  1. A search algorithm is available where you can find out other employees and your colleagues who work at BSNL
  2. You will be able to create your own profile and also change information that you want other employees to see

Working Times & Shifts

  1. In this section you will be able to apply for leaves
  2. Quota overview of your present leaves and completed leaves
  3. Joining reports, where you can find all information related to your date of joining

Benefits & Payments

  1. Salary Statement for every month and selected period of time is present
  2. Employee verification process can be completed by giving your Government ID proofs and address information
  3. You can use this section to claim reimbursements such as travel and food or more
  4. Loan request can be applied through the ERP portal if you need a loan from BSNL
  5. Form 16 for your salary can be downloaded in just few clicks
  6. At the end information pertaining to the deduction as per Indian section 80 can be found here as well

How to use BSNL ERP Portal or BSNL ERP Portal Login Process

The process of logging into the ERP portal is quite easy and if you don’t know how its done then we will show you how exactly it’s done.

  1. Go to the official website of Eportal of BSNL

    First we have to open the ERP Portal official webpage at

  2. Enter Username and password

    Now you have to fill your Username in “User” box and Password in “Password” box

  3. Click on Login option

    Then Tap on “Log On” button to sign in to the portal directly
    Once you have logged in to the portal you can now access all the benefits and services

BSNL ERP Portal Profile Update – PI, Career, Jobs

So, once you create an account you will have to update your information on the portal so that others can view them. At the same time your bank details also need to be updated here prior to 15 days before release of salary.

Step 1: Once you login, “Employee Search” > then select “Change Own Data” option as shown in below image

Step 2: Here you will have to fill the required information such as Name, email, extension and more

Step 3: Once you have filled all the required information, click on “Review” button, then “Review and Save” page will appear

  • Note: While reviewing your information, if you find something to be missing, wrong or photo to be not loaded. Then simply click on “Previous Step” and you will be able to edit those information or upload photo again.

Step 4: After confirming, click on “Save” button and now you have completed your employee information filling process

How to change Personal Information on BSNL ERP Portal – Address, Bank Information & More

Once you have logged into the BSNL portal, you will have access to change different information and there are some details that you need to change readily. Information such as address and bank information can be changed to receive payments and benefits directly to you.

Step 1: Login to BSNL ERP Portal and then click on “Employee Self-Service” button on top

Step 2: Now click on “Personal Information” tab

Step 3: As you can see in below image, you can click on any given information and change it as per your preference

How to Reset BSNL ERP password

Sometimes you might forget your password which is a very common thing that happens to everyone, and if you have forgot your password then don’t worry because it takes less than a few minutes with the new ERP password retrieve process.

In order to get a new password, you can follow the below instructions.

Step 1: Go to the BSNL ERP Portal login page

Step 2: Click on “Forgot Password? Reset Here” link on the same page

Step 3: You will be redirected to a new webpage where you can reset your password using Username, Phone number and email address

Conclusion: It is not only important that we work but it is also necessary that employees should have understanding of their salary, loans, provident fund and many benefits that their company provides them, and the employees can use BSNL ERP portal to access such valuable information that can help them grow and benefit.