Chhattisgarh Payslip Download at eKosh Employee Corner Login

Government of Chhattisgarh has brought eKosh online website to provide online facilities to their state government employees like downlaoad payslip, access epayroll system along with numerous links that can be directly accessed and get your bills paid easily.

Chhattisgarh employee Payslip is a link that is provided to serve the government employees who are serving in different government departments.

Details like Pension, CPS, Payroll for employers & ministers and more can be accessed from the e-Kosh online website, and this works under the Department of Directorate of Treasury Accounts & Pension for the state of Chhattisgarh, and it has also made easy work for the government to view and segregate different Government facilities to their permanent employees.

To access the online facilities provided to Chhattisgarh employees to access their payslip and personal details form eKosh website, you must have checked the below points before proceeding to know how to get Chhattisgarh employee payslip login.

  • Employee Code which is your Government employee Number
  • Date of Birth as per the records of employment

Here we will let you know how to get your Chhattisgarh employee payslip download using your username and password associated with your eKosh online website.

How to Download Chhattisgarh Employee Salary Slip

  • Visit the ekosh online website of Chhattisgarh state to open Directorate of Treasury Accounts and Pensions page
  • Click Employee Corner option from the left side menu bar
  • Enter your Employee Code which is you received during registration
  • Enter Password followed by Captcha code shown in beside box
  • Click on Login button and wait for your details to be verified
  • Now you will be taken to your respective Employee Login page
  • Here select Pay Slip option
  • Select respective month & year from dropdown
  • Click on Get Pay Slip option and wait to load and allow to download

With the above simple steps, the requested payslip for the selected month will be downloaded now and will be for your view.

Can I get Chhattisgarh Employee Payslip of Last Year?

Yes, the e-Kosh online website does provide access to the employee page from where you can get access to salary slip of any respective month, Select the year and respective month from the drop down list to get any month payslip to be downloaded as per your requirement.

Can I Pay my Travel Allowance Bill from Chhattisgarh eKosh Website?

e-Kosh online website does provide a wider option for Chhattisgarh state government employees, thus the employee can access the eBill option from the online system menu to pay their respective bills.

Is accessing Pay Slip through safe?

Yes, it is safe to view your Chhattisgarh employee salary slip online through its e-Kosh website, and thus, it is mandatory not to share your credentials with anyone and not to share your payment sheet as well, where the gateway used for login is secured and thus only registered employers can access their respective employment facilities through this website.

What is e-Kosh Online Website?

This is an online website that is officially launched by Chhattisgarh government and is governed by the department of Treasury Accounts and Pensions of state to provide government facilities to their state government employees.

Can I reset my password for Chhattisgarh Employee Pay Slip Login?

Yes, you can reset your password if you have lost it or forgot by using the forgot password link from the Employee Login page, and the mobile number used during the registration with the e-Kosh website should be with you to have a quick reset of the password.