ICICI Lombard Health Insurance Claim Form in Pdf

ICICI Lombard is well known for providing a few of the finest and most active health insurance services all across India and around the world as well, and one of the main reasons why someone would go for their Insurance policy is because they offer different wellness and claim services with more than hundreds of partnered hospitals ready to serve you all the time.

ICICI Lombard Health Insurance Claim Form

If you are already a part of their Health insurance scheme and might have taken hospitalization for your medical necessities or may if you are just considering this scheme for future health benefits.

Then you should read our article below because we will instruct you on the steps of how you can claim your health insurance in the prescribed form, we will simply be explaining to you the steps required to use the ICICI Lombard health insurance claim form at their partnered hospitals to avail the health benefits you have subscribed to, and if having any queries, you may contact health insurance customer care over phone for clarification

This ICICI Health Insurance claim form can be downloaded, once you have the offline copy printed out then ensure to fill the form as instructed before you apply through this claim form.

Insurer Admission and Invoice Details – Part A to D

The first page of the claim form will have the sections Part A, Part B, Part C and Part D which are to be filled by the Insurer. But in case of medical necessities, any of the family members or spouse or guardian is allowed to fill the form.

Documents Submitted

In order to ensure that the ICICI Lombard documentation verification team justifies your medical billing and admission as legit you need to provide them with as many documents, reports, invoice, medical admission details and hospital declaration from the doctors. In this section ensure to tick mark all the documents you have submitted along with this claim form.

Claim Section

This section has 4 sub sections which are essential as these explain the type of claim that you are applying for and requires information from hospital, doctors, fund transfer information and KYC to be completed.

  1. Part A – Under the claim section of the document, you will see that Part A has to be filled by the Insurer where we have to tick and provide all information for the claim process.
  2. Part B – This section should be filled by the doctor or the hospital administration
  3. Part C – If you need a fund transfer then this section should be filled with accurate account details and policy information.
  4. Part D – In this section the Insurer KYC has to be completed

Claim Form for Hospital Insurance