CIL Medcard Portal for Coal India Employee Medical Services

If you are a Coal India employee, then you may check the process of the CIL Medcard portal for Coal India employee medical services and facilities to submit OPD and medical bills online for payment…

Coal India Limited is well known to be one of India’s largest job providers compared to all others and they have nearly thousands of employees who work in the coal mining sectors.

CIL Medcard
CIL Medcard

CIL Portal for Medical Services and Facilities

It is to be noted that the profession of coal mining is hazards and can have mental illness linked to it and that is why the CIL organization has always been on foot to provide their employees and pensioners with the best medical facilities, features, and developments that can help their medical needs.

In the same context, all the Coa India Limited employees and pensioners are registered with the medical services and other benefits linked with it, and they have created an online portal called as CIL Portal through which all the employees of this organization are able to create their account, log in, choose their benefits, apply for medical necessities and get reimbursements.

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So, in this article, we will be guiding you with the following steps required to learn to use the CIL Portal online.

How to Use CIL Medcard Portal Online

The CIL Portal has different processes linkedin to it which involves the login to different ones that we will be guiding you from below.

Login Process

  1. First, open the Coal India Limited at
  2. Click on the Login option from the top right corner
  3. Select and click on Employee Login
  4. If you have not activated your account, then click on the Check Your Registration button and enter your medical card number
  5. Enter OTP on the page to activate your account or else if your account is already activated and created
  6. Enter your username, password, and then OTP.
  7. Click on the login button.

How to Register for CIL Medical Services and Facilities

Well in case if you have already had your Medical card with you then you need to register and activate your account for the Coal India Limited online portal by following the instructions below.

  1. Under the Employee Login page click on the Check Your Registration button
  2. On the next page you need enter the last 4 digit from your medical card number
  3. Click on the search button, that will showcase your medical card

How to use CIL Medcard Portal to Create a New OPD Claim and Add Bills to it

So if you have now logged into your account by following the above instructions then you need to learn from below how you can use the dashboard to make the OPD claims and then add bills to it.

  1. From the Dashboard click on Create New OPD Claim and then add the required details, then click on the create button
  2. Now the claim has been created and under this, you can click on Add Bill button to add the bills which you want to be reimbursed under this claim id
  3. Once the claim has been added with all the required bills than simply click on the submit button and cross check the claim information, then click on Apply Changes for the Claim to be applied

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