Coal India Pension Life Certificate Information and Form

Do check the mandatory life certificate form for pensioners of Coal India limited to submit annually, Download online and send the completed to the concerned to continue the payment of pension…

As you already know that the Coal India Limited has thousands of Indian citizens working under their organization all across India which is a massive thing and with the nature of the work, it was made mandatory that everyone who is an employee.

Coal India Life Certificate

So an employee who receives the CIL Medical services and benefits membership can carry this membership even after their retirement but the catch is that every year the employee or the couple or the guardian has to provide a Life certificate that the employee is well and alive for the further medical benefits to be accessed.

Coal India Life Certificate

The reason why the Coal India Limited organization has made this decision is because after the retirement of the employee it is mandatory to provide them with the required medical benefits and the needs.

But there have been cases where after the demise of the employees post retirement the medical funds and benefits could have been accessed by others.

Why is it necessary to provide CIL Pension Life Certificate Annually?

In 2012, the board of directors of Coal India Limited had called in for a meeting which stated the agenda that after the post-retirement the employees have to provide with their life certificate at the end of the beginning of the year as per the dates provided by the CIL Organization and once approved the membership will be renewed.

In case if the LC is not provided that the employee is well and alive then the medical benefits linked to the respective employee would be stopped therefore so that the funds and the medical benefits can be used effectively for the other employees in the organization as well.

Coal India Life Certificate form

How to apply Coal India Limited Life Certificate After Retirement – Process

  • You can download the Life Certificate from
  • After that take the print out of the second page and then fill your information with the date and the CPRMSE account details
  • Once the details are filled then you can mail this to the Coal India Limited Coal Bhawan office to continue your monthly pension payment.

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