Life Certificate for Pensioners : Submit Online or Offline

Pensioner life certificate is mandatory to submit every year, do check how to submit life certificate for pensioners using different ways in online and offline…

Life Certificate

The Pensioner Life Certificate is an important document that needs to be uploaded in time to ensure that every benefit of the Pensioner will reach their footsteps, and in view of these pandemic situations, the online submission of the Pensioner Life Certificate has been seen hike and purple have happily adopted the online scheme.

There is a traditional method which is to walk to the branch or your respective Pension provider office for submission, else one can use the online process which can be done if you have your Aadhar linked with a mobile number.

The online application once submitted through Aadhar UIDAI, may sent to the respective Pension office for an extension.

Life Certificate

Life Certificate for Pensioners

The Pensioner certificate may submit the traditional way by visiting the branch or online. Here we bring you different ways for submission of LC.

Submit Pensioner Life Certificate Offline

Anyone who wants to submit Pensioner LC, needs to visit the branch with the following instructions.

  1. Locate your nearest branch and make a visit during business hours
  2. Get the Pensioner certificate application form and get it fill
  3. Submit your documents along with the form to the Bank executive
  4. Provide your Aadhaar Number, Mobile Number, PPO number
  5. As wealth account number submit with the form

That’s it, your Application for the Pensioner may submitt and processed as per your documents provided. The status may view by investing in the branch or a successful SMS may sent to your registered mobile number.

If you want to submit your Pensioner certificate online, then you can use the process to update documents online, and to upload LC online. It is must to have your mobile number registered with your account.

How to Submit Life Certificate for Pensioners Online

  1. Visit the online website for your respective Banks Pensioner certificate link
  2. Use the link and open the Pensioner Application form online
  3. Make sure you have your Aadhar Number update with your Mobile number
  4. Entry the Aadhar OTP for verification and provide other details
  5. Once the details filed, click on the submit button to proceed
  6. That’s it, your Pensioner certificate for your respective bank branch online website may submit, and the application number displayed which you can note to track your status and keep a record of your submission.

Life Certificate Submission on UMANG App

  1. Open and Login to UMANG App
  2. Go to Jeevan Pramaan
  3. Click Generate Life Certificate
  4. Enter Aadhaar Number
  5. Provide Registered Mobile Number
  6. Click Generate OTP
  7. Validate OTP
  8. Connect Biometric Fingerprint Scanner to mobile and select the device
  9. Click Next
  10. Ente Pensioner Details (PPO number, Name as per Aadhaar, Type of Pension, Sanction Authority and others)
  11. Tick the authorization
  12. Click Scan Finger
  13. On successful authentication, your pensioner LC successfully registered and shown on the screen
  14. Click ok to complete and exit or Click Save as PDF to download the submitted digital certificate.

Pensioner Life Certificate through Doorstep App

The Pensioner LC can also submit through online application brought to mobile devices. Get the steps follow to use the doorstep banking app for your Pensioner certificate submission.

  1. Get the Doorstep Banking App downloaded and installed on your device
  2. Launch the app and then select your respective Bank from the drop down
  3. Now place your request for Doorstep service
  4. here enter your account number of pension account to get it verified
  5. Charges for Doorstep will show on screen and click onto move further
  6. Get the amount to pay to avail the service from application
  7. Once payment done, an agent assigned for your doorstep verification
  8. The agent will reach your address and get your certificate submit

That’s it, This process is easier if you don’t want to mess with your different banking Pensioner certificate submission links. The agent does come and sure to get your verification completes in time.

Why is Pensioner Life Certificate submission important?

As every Pensioner does have an eligible pension, and as well their respective pension provider does need valid details to provide the benefits. Every year one should ensure to show their Pensioner life certificate such that their series will not stopped or else benefits under pension scheme not applied for hold.

Is Pensioner Life Certificate submission safe in home?

The submission may done online and if you feel not sure to submit it, then you can get the doorstep visit by the respective bank agent to get your Pensioner certificate submission and get your verification SMS as a confirmation.

Does Pensioner Life Certificate in branch chargeable?

No, only the doorstep agent will charge you for submission of the Pensioner Life Certificate, and the application form will provide form the bank and one can fill their duties at same time to get their details update for future.

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  1. For Pensioner how are we supposed to submit Life Certificate as we dont have bio metric device. can this be done at the embassy or any bank.

    • I am a family pensioner(spouse) and presently I am USA for a duration. I have been trying so submit my LC without success.I tried Jeevan parmaan web site,but the relevant page where I can key in my details is not opening. Please let me know I could manage to submit my LC.


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