Star Health Insurance Claim Form to File a Medical Claim

Star Health Insurance does provide an easy claim form for their insured members to get their bills for treatments and medical expenses, and there are around 5400 hospitals that do accept the cashless treatment under Star Health Insurance claim, but in many cases due to emergency, the patient guardians are asked to make the bill payments.

This can be reimbursed using the Star Health Insurance Claim with attaching the valid hospital bills and discharge summary, and the claim process will not be that hard, as most of the hospitals are agreed under Star Health Insurance and the claim process will not stop you at any form.

Star Health Insurance Claim form

The insured person can download the Star Health Insurance Claim form directly from the official website of Star Health Insurance and get it filled to get bill reimbursement, and this process needs to be followed if you have got your treatment under a non-network hospital where the Star Health Insurance ID has been not accepted or in case if the network hospital has dis-agreed to accept the cashless transaction.

Star health Insurance Claim Form

In this case, the insured guardians have paid the amount to the hospital for the entire treatment and medical expenses, and the expenses are paid in advance without using any Star Health Insurance ID or its cashless transaction, and it is advised to get the entire bill and summary from the hospital, as the reimbursement can only be provided if there are official and agreed bills attached.

There is a process to claim the paid expense from Star Health Insurance by using the online process or by visiting their nearest branch office and if have any queries or for the status check, you may call star health insurance customer care at any time.

Here is a detailed guide that you need to follow to file a medical claim for the expenses you have met under any treatment having the Health Insurance policy, and the claim can be done by the insured person or his guidance within the 15 days of treatment has been done.

  • Get the Star Health Insurance Claim form download form online
  • Fill up the application form with entire details in capital letter
  • Name and Address should be the same as Star Health Insurance details
  • Details of Hospital and their address to be provided
  • Details of treatment and diagnosis have done in a hospital
  • Claim amount with entire split bill number for reference
  • Date of Admission and discharge along with a full summary
  • Discharge summary to be provided to read the claim

That’s it, Star Health Insurance Claim form needs to be filled with these details and submitted to the branch office or online e-claim portal of Star Health Insurance to start the reimbursement process.

Documents Required with Star Health Insurance Claim Form

Every reimbursement does require a Claim form for sure and the below said documents to verify the claim of patience, and thus make sure you have got this entire list of documents to be uploaded or submitted to Star Health Insurance to process your claim.

  • Star Health Insurance Claim duly signed by Patience and Hospital
  • Government ID proof with your correct full name
  • Hospital Discharge summary explaining details about your treatment
  • Hospital letter with detailed tests, treatment, and consultation process
  • Original Copy of discharge bill with the total amount paid
  • Original copy of medicine and test bill
  • Spilt Bill provided by the hospital on part payment during treatment
  • Cancel Check of patience with the clear name of patience under the signature

That’s it, these documents will be asked by the Star Health Insurance company to process and provide you a reimbursement amount after proper verification of the entire treatment under Star Health Insurance policy taken.

Star Health Insurance Claim Process

As the Star Health Insurance Claim application has been filled, the guardian or patient needs to get this submitted with required documents to the insurance office or on their online website, and the details also need to be sent to the official Star Health Insurance mail address, such that they will initiate a claim reference number.

Submitting Claim: Once the reference ID has been created, you can move forward to provide the detailed documents asked by the Star Health Insurance executive, and in this process, the executive will get in touch with you and will ask you to provide entire documents mentioned in documents required for verification and process.

Document Verification process: Document verification will be done in the first phase as per the policy taken by Star Health Insurance and then an acute claim amount will be displayed that is going to reimbursement, and the claim amount will be based on your policy taken by considering all the medical treatments taken.

Personal Verification: An executive from Star Health Insurance company will move to the hospital with your documents and verify if the patient has been under this treatment and the diagnosis has been given in the same hospital as mentioned in the discharge summary.

Payment Processing: The claim will be processed further and once documents verification along with hospital verification has been done, the amount that is verified and true will be processed for reimbursement, and the Health Insurance Claim amount will be sent to the patient’s bank account within 10 to 15 days through the NEFT process.

How many days will Star Health Insurance Take for reimbursement?

After the submission of the Star Health Insurance Claim form with required documents, the process for entire reimbursement will be around 15 to 20 days for verification, and once the amount has been verified, it will take another 10 days for credit of reimbursement amount and a total of 30 days is minimum for the entire claim process.

Can we Claim for Medicine Bills under Star Health Insurance Claim?

Yes, the Star Health Insurance Claim form needs to be updated with the medicine bills number and their amount which will be considered under claim, and the same will also be scrutinized with the policy taken by patience and verified.

Do we require individual bills for Star Health Insurance Claim?

Entire bills of the treatment along with medicine bills, tests bills, split bills that are taken during the treatment with summarized bills are to be submitted with claim.

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