Jharbhoomi Land Record Register Online with eMutation Status

Jharkhand land record register now available in Jharbhoomi. Check Revenue dept register online in झारभूमि पोर्टल वसुधा v2.0 to check present details with eMutation status on demand…

The revenue department of Jharkhand has brought the Jharbhoomi online portal for the help of the residents. The झारभूमि portal gives access to records of Land documents in case of Land purchase with exact details of ownership.

This process has overcome the wrongdoing in land registration, as the new owner will have to check the land records in Jharbhoomi portal in prior. The portal is under control of the revenue department and the details in it are based on the ownership and the data from the registration office.

In general, the normal way of registration was always incontinent, as there were many wrong doing found. The portal brought to overcome all this consequence and give an clear picture to everyone from the land records.


Purpose of Jharbhoomi

The main purpose of the Jharbhoomi was to support the new buyer and investor, who came across to buy the land with just the details on the registration papers. These are some main points showing the purpose.

  • Land Record Details of the Land
  • Mutation Documents with current owner details
  • Revenue Records and Registry Records
  • Record of Change of ownership in entire tenure
  • Land Transfer details in any way of registration
  • Payment of Tax or Lagan to the local municipality

Jharbhoomi Registration

Hope you have come across some main points of the झारभूमि पोर्टल, and here we will let you know how you can access the portal with Jharbhoomi Self Registration as a new user and Login

  1. Open registration page at https://jharbhoomi.nic.in/jhrlrmsmis/Operater/UserRegister.aspx
  2. Enter you Personal information (Name, Mobile, Email address, Password, Captcha Value), and Correspondence Address.
  3. Click Register Now
  4. Get OTP and Enter OTP
  5. Submit and Activate your account

Jharbhoomi Login

  • Visit the official website using https://jharbhoomi.nic.in/jhrlrmsmis/Operater/UserLogin.aspx
  • Click on Login button form the left-hand columns menu option
  • Once login successful, you will move to the following page
  • Select the option as requirement and click on proceed to move further
  • That’s it! now fill your details as asked and then submit the same to get the list of records for your requested service. The document will be available to download for your reference, which you can use when buying or selling the land.

How to Get Land Records in Jharbhoomi Online

If you want to get the Land records from the Jharbhoomi online, then you must at least have the basic details of the land with its document number to fetch. Below is the detailed guide, which you can follow and get the list of documents for the requested land.

  1. Go to the official website using link jharbhoomi.nic.in
  2. Click अपना खाता देखें under Menu at left side
  3. The page will open with MAP giving you details Jharkhand districts
  4. Select your district
  5. Click on the block, where the land is and tap on to search
  6. Select अंचल, हल्का, किस्म जमीन
  7. Click on respective मौजा का नाम चुने
  8. Scroll down and Enter खाता संख्या से देखें
  9. Click on खाता details (Search account)
  10. Select the document form the list provide and get it download
  11. The details of the land for which you have provide the details of documents loaded. This is the original documents which consist of all details of owner and you can verify it to proceed further for registration.

How to Get Khasra in Jharbhoomi Online

If you want to check your land records based on the Khasra number, then you can follow details listed below.

  1. Go to the झारभूमि official website by using its official link
  2. Now click on ‘Khasra Wise Details’ and wait for the page to load
  3. Now provide the area details in the respective columns
  4. Provider your Khasra number in the column and click on search
  5. That’s it, the details of land under the Khasra number listed on screen, that you can download any time for your reference.

How to File Complaint in Jharbhoomi Portal

The portal also gives a direct link to register your complaint directly with the revenue department. Here are the details that you can follow to raise your voice in झारभूमि पोर्टल.

  1. Go to official website and wait for home page to load
  2. Now click on Grievance portal and wait for new page to load
  3. In Grievance Registration Form, Enter your details as asked
  4. Ensure You mentioned details correctly and click on Submit button
  5. That’s it, your grievance may taken into consideration as per the priority by revenue department and appropriate action taken necessary.

To find Jharbhoomi emutation status, you may browse to https://jharbhoomi.nic.in/jhrlrmsmis/default.aspx and find the status of total mutation cases in each district / circle wise, and cases disposed / pending separetely.

What is Khasra Number in Jharbhoomi?

Khesra which is also referred as Khasra are the plot number or the survey number that belongs to the land. In the records of government every land is given an identification number which is mostly called as plot number in urban areas and in rural part of India it is referred as Khasra number or Khasra Number. The Khasra number is a main source of identification of land in the area, which originally located your land and does ensure you have enough details of land.
The Khasra number is also very essential to fetch the details from the Jharbhoomi portal and even through visiting any of the local revenue departments.

What to do if i can’t find my plot in Jharbhoomi?

If you are not able to find your plot details in Jharbhoomi then it might be because you did not proceed the plot process correctly using the map. Follow the above process properly and you will be able to find your plot.

What is Khata number in Jharbhoomi?

The Khata number is the account number which is allocated to the family of owners of the land, which is in a major area. This Khata is provided to each family member who owns the ownership of land by giving the full details of the family.. in general to view the details of land and its older owners, the Khata number is important to fetch. As well the access of documents with all I’m history is only possible with Khata number.

Can I download Jharbhoomi land records?

Yes, once you select the land record details through the map you can click on the download option in order to save the details directly.

What is Khatauni in Jharbhoomi?

The Khatauni is a record of information which does clear the ownership of members in a family for that land. The land which is one place or different will have one khatauni that differentiate the share of ownership.
These clear, who many owners do this land have with giving the data is to communicate them in case you’re going to buy it. In general, the new owner must signed agreement with all members mentioned in Khatauni to ensure his land fully agreed for registration.

What is Khewat Number in Jharbhoomi?

Khewat number is same as khata number which is more frequently use in urban areas. The co-owner of the land will have the Khewat number that makes them the only owner in the past which gives them authority to sell or disburse the land to anyone around.

What is Register II in Jharbhoomi?

The details in झारभूमि पोर्टल consist of Details of Land, Khasra number, Khata number and other important details which upload by zonal officer based on call from the State Government. The details available from date August 2020 in the Jharbhoomi portal referred to as Register-II.

Can I use the Jharbhoomi portal for tax payment?

Yes, the owner of the plot can use the Jharbhoomi portal to pay their tax online. The pay online under online login provide for customers directly use the link and pay their tax dues in one click.

Can I apply as Khatian in Jharbhoomi?

As per the government regulation of झारभूमि, one can register as Khatian if they have enough authority to be. The details under ‘Account & Registry -II’ will allow you to fill in the details under Khatian to get your registration. The process Is very easy through Jharbhoomi, as it registers you in quick steps.

Can I fetch details of the last owner of land in Jharbhoomi?

Yes, the Jharbhoomi portal gives you a detailed land record for the details you have entered. The present owner details along with last owner giving you proper link in documents may provide in झारभूमि पोर्टल online. This details are from local revenue office which proof of ownership and help you a lot when you’re going to buy new land.

What is Jharbhoomi contact number?

If you have an issue with the platform or want help regarding land record information then you can contact them using 06512446066.

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