TPA Insurance Companies List under IRDAI with Validity

24 Third Party Administrators are updated in the list of TPA insurance companies working under IRDAI, Do find the list and contact the concerned as per your requirement…

It is important for you to understand that the Government alone cannot provide for the health benefits and medical necessities even at the cost due to the limited governing, but with TPA, which basically means Third Party Administrator which are Insurance companies like Care, Reliance Insurance and many more have been established all across India and other countries to provide seamless insurance assistance to the citizens.

It has been recorded that the citizens with Health Insurance policies beforehand have an easy way of paying their hospitalization and medical insurance bills with the help of their Third Party Administrator when compared to those who do not have one.

TPA Insurance Company List

In this guide, we have listed a few of the most selected and reviewed third party administrators with their license validity that you should take a look at for better understanding and compel a future where your medical and hospital needs to claim health insurance are not strained by the money aspect.

TPA Insurance Companies List

Name of the TPA CompanyLicense Valid Upto
United Health Care Parekh Insurance TPA Private Limited20.03.2023
Medi Assist Insurance TPA Private Limited20.03.2023
MD India Health Insurance TPA Private Limited20.03.2023
Paramount Health Services & Insurance TPA Private Limited20.03.2023
Heritage Health Insurance TPA Private Limited/20.03.2023
Family Health Plan Insurance TPA Limited20.03.2023
Raksha Health Insurance TPA Private Limited31.03.2023
Vidal Health Insurance TPA Private Limited15.05.2023
East West Assist Insurance TPA Private Limited15.05.2023
Medsave Health Insurance TPA Limited14.05.2023
Genins India Insurance TPA Limited10.06.2023
Alankit Insurance TPA Limited17.11.2020
Health India Insurance TPA Services Private Limited17.11.2020
Good Health Insurance TPA Limited26.01.2021
Vipul Medcorp Insurance TPA Private Limited28.02.2022
Park Mediclaim Insurance TPA Private Limited27.09.2022
Safeway Insurance TPA Private Limited19.07.2020
Anmol Medicare Insurance TPA Limited26.10.2020
Grand Insurance TPA Private Limited15.05.2021
Rothshield Insurance TPA Limited15.07.2022
Ericson Insurance TPA Private Limited18.12.2021
Health Insurance TPA of India Limited05.06.2023
Vision Digital Insurance TPA Private Limited/24.06.2021

So, it is essential one such TPA in the companies list under IRDAI that you find is reasonable and is able to fetch the insurance benefits that can help you during your medical necessities and treatments.

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