AP EHS Grievance Online for Employee and Pensioner

Fill AP EHS grievance online to raise a complaint against medical billing, health treatment, and more. AP employee or pensioner can raise EHS grievance online at any time…

The Andhra Pradesh Government rolled out a new health scheme to all its working and also for retired employees. The Employees Health Scheme aims to provide all employees and their family members who are dependent on them to receive treatment from selected hospitals. The treatment with a cashless one ensures that the employees can get treated without issues.

This is a great initiative scheme by the Government of Andhra Pradesh that aims to help employees through its medical scheme. But at times some employees can find issues or need help with the health scheme.

We already intimate to you about EHS customer care. In this article, we will guide you, how to fill AP EHS grievance online to raise complaint to higher authorities.

AP EHS Grievance Online – Andhra Pradesh Employees Health Scheme Grievance Form

All the employees of the Government of Andhra Pradesh in different organizations allow to have the EHS. It is common for employees to have questions and at times they face issues that have an expectation to resolve in time.

On the other hand, employees might find some functions or features not working properly. As well which is why the AP EHS grievance filling is an important functionality. Follow the below instructions through which you can carefully learn to fill your form.

  1. Open the Andhra Pradesh Employees Health Scheme Grievance registration form from here https://www.ehs.ap.gov.in/HomePageAP/grievanceAction.do?actionFlag=onLoad&theme=darkgreen&grvFlag=DG
    • There are two partners to fill thoroughly in the form. The first part is patient details and the second part is grievance details
  2. Select Employee or Pensioner
  3. Enter Valid Health Card Number
  4. Click Retrieve Details to fetch the health card information or enter the personal information in appropriate fields
  5. Fill in Grievance Details (Hospital Details, Grievance against, Grievance details, Grievance Description which you have to describe the issue you are facing completely.
  6. Cross-check the patient and grievance details along with description once
  7. Click on the Save
  8. Note down the reference number which may later on use to find the status of your grievance to fill.
  1. Can other state employee lodge a complaint in AP EHS grievance portal?

    The employees and pensioners who are working/retire under Andhra Pradesh state government services allow raising a grievance.

  2. Whether the employee who does not have health card allow to raise Grievance?

    Employee or Pensioner who are under EHS, having valid health card number are only allows to raise grievance.

  3. Whether attachment is compulsory to raise a EHS complaint?

    Attachment of AP EHS complaint is an optional one, If uploads, this may clears the concerned authority to cross check the complaint which strengths the case.

  4. Can we raise any type of complaint for AP EHS?

    You complaint must belongs to the particular category under Nature of Grievance drop down menu. So that the complaint may reach to exact location for early resolution.

  5. Can we get the treatment in any hospital of any state?

    AP EHS health card user can get the treatment in any state hospitals which have authorization given to some hospitals shown in the website.