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What is RTPS

RTPS elaborated as Right to Public Services. RTPS Bihar statutory laws that guarantee the delivery of public services to everyone which renders by the Government. (RTPS को लोक सेवाओं के अधिकार के रूप में विस्तृत किया गया। RTPS बिहार वैधानिक कानून जो सरकार द्वारा प्रदान किए जाने वाले सभी को सार्वजनिक सेवाओं के वितरण की गारंटी देता है।)

In the same content Right to Public Services does punish the one who errant public servant and brings full law to action against the rules by providing an stipulated under statute.

These services meant to reduce corruption and malpractice in government offices. Also to bring transparency to the public to make them accountable.

Right to Public Services implemented in India by every state. This makes every individual to use the RTPS and get any information of government services for their knowledge.

This service is open for all with an option to choose for better India with full knowledge to everyone.


The main objective of Right to Public Services is to bring a timely delivery of services to citizens from Government departments. In these pictures citizens of India do have a full hand to know about the government schemes or functionality. Here 99employee will provide the complete info on Right to Public Services, have a look.

Service available on Online / Offline
Helpdesk email serviceonline.bihar.gov.in
RTPS web portal rtps.bihar.gov.in/rtps

Under the Right to Public Services, each state citizens can file a form to get detailed information of that project without hiding.

These services give a clear picture of what may ask under the Right to Public Services act application. By implementation RTPS Bihar, there were many government departments who have increases the working princess and the corruption cases minimized.

The transparency at work ensures that no one makes any mistake. The government order projects clearly disturbed to citizens without having any middleman interference.

Working of RTPS Bihar

To explore in depth for Right to Public Services, it is better to know who it works. Why it is so important to maintain transparency between governments.

Each organization established does need to follow rules based on their own state Right to Public Services. The services granted as a right under the regulation and are most likely notified spiritedly through gazette.

The common Right to Public Services are rights under the acts, issuing birth, caste, marriage, domicile certificate, electric connections, ration cards and other land related services.

Thus all the services which do help and benefit the citizens come under these acts. All these services provided to every citizen based on their citizens of India. Do make enough limitations for their flexibility.

In return if any Right to Public Services delayed or rejected by an officer, then they may punished with strict action by the presiding higher officials.

A citizen can approach the First Appellate Authority if they not satisfied with the service provided by the government officers. Each officer from higher level to ground level, asked to be on a role to provide better service for everyone under regulations.

What comes Under Right to Public Services

Here is a list of services that can list as Right to Public Services. These are primarily important for service, where everyone can have transparency about the nature of that service.

  • Electricity Service
  • Water Facility
  • Birth certificate
  • Income certificate
  • Land Regulations
  • Residential certificate
  • Voter card
  • Land Paper Service
  • Ration Card
  • Passport Service
  • Land Revenue Service
  • Marriage certificate and more

Why is it necessary to provide Bihar RTPS?

Every citizen of India who is domicile by nature entitles to get services under Right to Public Services act. Every service which is for the public through the government will provide to citizens. In a particular time bound this is provided in their service nature to ensure everyone does benefit by the service as guided by the Government of India.

Do citizens need to register for Bihar Right to Public Services?

Yes, as it is a mandatory act to avail the option of public services and avail the benefits. As each public service required by citizens in their day to day life and availing them on time is mandatory. Each of this service is available for free and there are nominal service changes as per the request by citizens, which government officers will provide.

Can I register a case under Right to Public Services as an official?

The Right to Public Services act is a full privilege for the citizens. It is to ask government about misconduct or misleading of public services. Citizens can file a case through Right to Public Services and seek to provide valid information about delay in public services. If that is not valued, then you need to ask higher officials to act against officials under RTPS.

Is RTPS different for states?

Yes, In India the Right to Public Services implements differently in all states through their legislative approvals. The AIM of the RTPS similar at all states enrich to provide and developing state, with different working nature. Their act referred to filing a case under Right to Public Services is different.

Is there a law for Right to Public Services?

There are different laws creates by state, and Government of India to support RTPS. They can consider this option and use it to protect the public service. As well, the same Laws considered to bring transparency to everyone. It is all to know what is done under Government organization to protect them at all points without having corporation point.