Birth Certificate for New or Late Registration & Download Online

Importance of Birth Certificate and uses of it mentioned. Just check about birth registration, Birth certificate download process in online along with how to register birth incase of late…

As we all know that the first ever official document of someone’s life starts with the Birth Certificate. It is a permanent and basic certificate for your proof of existence that you have to hold life long. There are lot of uses and importance in your life. Let us discuss complete information on it.

Birth Certificate

What is a Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate is a official document that registers the birth of someone and also a official proof of born child identity. It is issued by a doctor or government authority. There are basic details are filled in the certificate, some of them are :

  • Time and Place of Birth
  • Date of Birth
  • Name of the person
  • Gender
  • Mother’s name
  • father’s name
  • Registration details

Importance of Birth Certificate

This is a basic proof for your survival in this society. Every field that you enter later needs the proof of Birth like education, for employment, for finance related issues and many more.

Government keeps the record of number of births happened in a year by the birth registration done by public. It helps the government to establish new schemes, to fix the budget and they get an clear idea for where to spend money and needed for development. This birth registrations gives the clear idea of public and the what the majority exists as per age of citizens.

Uses of Birth Certificate

From the beginning to ending of your life, there is a connection and need of certificate, if you enter any field. Some of the main uses are listed below

  • Birth recognition in society
  • Aadhaar card registration
  • For making admission in schools or Universities
  • Proof of age for employment
  • For marriage Registration
  • As a proof for Passport
  • Proof of age for any insurance related issues
  • For claiming social welfare schemes
  • For claiming pensions
  • To play sports

Birth Registration

It is the process of making an official document for proof of birth or existence by the government authority or simply process of making for someone, called Birth Registration.

Birth registration must be done before 21 days of child’s birth. If you may get late, then you have to pay late fees and also with some revenue verification of child’s birth occurs.

Documents required to get Birth Certificate

There are some list of documents needed for birth registration. They are :

  • Proof of Birth letter which issued by a Doctor
  • Identity proof of Parents
  • Birth Certificates of Parents
  • Marriage Certificate of Parents

Proof of Birth letter contains the basic information of child like place and time of birth, gender, identity, etc.

How to Get Birth certificate

Check the complete process for Birth registration to get a birth certificate. Follow the simple steps given below.

  1. Get a Birth registration form from doctor or registrar or you can download it from online through this link
  2. Fill the form within 21 days of Child’s Birth
  3. Submit the registration form along with the required documents mentioned above to the registrar.
  4. Registrar verifies the birth records and documents before issuing
  5. Birth certificate will be issued after successful verification of documents by the registrar.

Incase of Late Registration of Birth

There is also possible for birth registration after 21 days of child’s birth as per government rules. Let us discuss the procedure incase of late registration.

  • If you want to do registration after 21 days but within one year of child’s birth, then you will get it with a letter permission by a government authority and also paying late fees. You have to submit a affidavit of late registration along with permission letter and late fees, then registration will starts.
  • If you are get late by almost one year, then only a Magistrate able to give permission after successful verification of Child’s Birth.

**Registration process may varies with states, union territories and with countries. You have to visit nearest municipal officer or any other government authority for proceeding further.

Birth Certificate Download

You may get the complete information on Birth certificate download process for different regions as per the below links. You will have an option for birth certificate download online for some regions in India.

How to get birth certificate without birth proof ?

There is a chance to get a birth certificate, if you are not born in hospital or if you don’t know the place and time of Birth. You just need to get a sworn affidavit from the High court and submit it to the NPC. Then you get a birth certificate after successful verification.

Can i apply birth certificate through online in india ?

Yes. You can apply for birth certificate through online by visiting the official site of state government and proceed further.

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