What is Certificate and Types of Certificates Available

Let us know about Certificate and Where we can use it. Just check about certificate as a noun, verb, synonyms followed by examples of certificate…

In our daily life, we are nothing without a certificate. A certificate shows our identity, reflects our knowledge to others and it gives a perfect definition to a person. From the time of birth to span of death bed, everything links and connects with Certificate.

There are many examples, like Domicile Certificate, Birth Certificate, Study Certificate, Migration Certificate, Work Certificate, Death certificate and many more that defines you in the society.

A certificate not only certifies a person or an individual, it also certifies or judges the company, organization and lot more. Certificate can also generate physically as well as digitally through online.


We use Certificate as Noun as well as a Verb. When we are giving some judgement or compliment to any person or organization about any particular field of work, then we use certificate as a Verb.

Certificate as a Noun

  • Certificate is an official document or note with a sign of certificate authority for the proof or provide a clear evidence of something.
  • Certificate is a proof granted by government or institutions to show your education qualification, Living place, Birth, work experience, etc.
  • There are also certificates exists in Finance field like Gold certificate Silver certificate, property certificate, ownership certificate,etc.

Certificate as Verb

  • To justify the potential or to judge a person, individual or any organisation based on a particular field of work, we use certified.
  • Certificated or Certify are the verb forms of Certificate.
  • Providing evidence or issuing a formal statement on certain qualifications.

Synonyms of Certificate

  • Document
  • Affidavit
  • Warrant
  • License
  • Receipt

Examples of Certificate

There are lot of certificates needed in our daily life to continue our survival in society in fare way. Some of the certificates that are mandatory and important in our life are listed below. They are :

  • Migration Certificate
  • Domicile Certificate
  • Provisional Certificate
  • EWS Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Study Certificate
  • Bonafide Certificate
  • Work Certificate
  • Property Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • PUC Certificate

What is the main use of SSL Certificate ?

SSL certificate is provided by the hosting website to ensure your website’s identity and provides security in online communication. Generally, it is a online generated certificate or say digital certificate

What is the main use of certificate ?

The main use of certificate is to provide identity or ensure a evidence about a particular field on a person or organization according to anything by a single document as a proof.

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