Parivahan Sewa 2024 Vehicle Online Services on Demand

Easily manage all your vehicle services on Parivahan’s online platform with confidence. From driving license to echallan payment, Sarathi has got you covered. Login now to experience the convenience of Parivahan Sewa.

Parivahan portal developed by Ministry of Roads Transport and Highways, Government of India. In India, RTO Act been followed strictly to tackle the issue of accidents and other road issues.

The Government of India has brought the Parivahan online website, to bring the details of all vehicles and their owners to this website. Having information about vehicles on one website helps a lot during the investigation of accidents in India.


Parivahan does provide services such as RC book services, Vehicle Tax Payments, Ownership Transfer Process, Duplicate RC, Change in Address in RC, and many others. Thus this website will be a one-stop for every vehicle owner and government to get their details without rushing to the RTO office. Here 99employee will present maximum info on the required, so just go through.


Let us go through the list of online services that individuals are going to get from Parivahan as mentioned.

  1. Vehicle Related Services
  2. Driving License Related Services
  3. Check Post Tax
  4. Fancy Number Booking
  5. NR Services
  6. Paid NR Services
  7. Homologation
  8. National Permit Authorization
  9. AITP Authorization
  10. CNG Maker
  11. SLD Maker
  12. VLTD Maker
  13. PUCC
  14. Trade Certificate
  15. Vahan Green Sewa
  16. Vehicle Recall

The website ( is beneficial to both government and citizens of India. This gives a clear view of data and multiple services in the list, let’s take a short look at them.

Vahan Tax

If you drive a commercial vehicle on the road, then it is mandatory to pay the tax to the RTO regularly. Having this option will reduce your work to walk to the office to pay your vehicle tax, as you can instantly make payment of your tax dues.

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RC Book Service

If a vehicle is running on Road, then it must have an RC book of that vehicle. Thus any details of owner and address easily found in RC, which act as the only document of a vehicle. In the Parivahan website, individuals can get services such as Transfer of Ownership, Change of Address and duplicate address.

The entire process of the RC book is available online only. Any payment towards service charges are going to pay through online.

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Fitness certificate and Renewal certificate

As per the new vehicle Act, it is mandatory to have fitness certificate and renewal certificate as per vehicle condition. This service is available at Parivahan Portal, which can use to make your vehicle running on road without any difficulties.

No Objection certificate

Any vehicle which is going to sold, then it must have a No objection certificate form the owner. The new owner must get RC transfer along with No Objection certificate from past owner during the time of registration.

Update Mobile Number in RC Book

In the recent past, this made mandatory to make the mobile number update in RC book. Thus Parivahan does bring you easy option to get sorted and update your active number to your RC book.

Permit Apply in Parivahan

As to move on all roads of India, it is mandatory to have the vehicle Permit referred as National Permit. Only with National Permit the individual can be able to move their vehicle without any stopping.

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Check Status

Parivahan gives you a direct link to check the status of any type of Application applied in the RTO website. As well get a status on your Pending challan, Blacklist details in that zone. The vehicle details can also seen from the direct link provided with having any pending transaction with the RTO.

Vehicle owners can get the print of their receipt to pay to the RTO for their reference. Ensure that they have all their prefilled services-based SR forms also printed with the quick link provided.

Parivahan Available States

All the states in India except Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are available for Parivahan services

Is Parivahan allow to apply for a Learning License?

Yes, if you have crossed the age of 18 as per the India Transport Law. Then it is mandatory to have a License to run your vehicle on the road. Parivahan does give a direct link to apply for a learning license by booking a slot from your nearest RTO office. The process will be quick and will be entirely online, making you not stand in queues.

How to Know my License Details from Parivahan?

Visit the official website of Parivahan and click on home to explore Informational Services. here you can click on Know your license Details and then enter your License number. The entire list of your license may displayed on the screen, which you can also take a print for your use.

How many times can I renew my License?

As per the law, the last date of expiry will be present on the License card backside. Thus based on that details, you must apply for the renewal of your license on time. This is an one-time activity which is almost after 10 years from the issue date of your original license.

How many days does it take to receive RC through Parivahan?

If you have applied for Duplicate RC or you have applied for any new registration. The minimum process time is 21 working days excluding any government holidays. Thus an individual must have to wait for a month to receive their RC book in any case.

What is Diplomatic vehicle in Parivahan?

A central Government vehicle used for high level Diplomatic who enters India from foreign countries. Any Diplomatic in India will have some privileges. They will give a vehicle number that is different from the normal vehicle. In this format, an official certificate from the government requires to register with the Parivahan Portal.

Can I select my preferred number from Parivahan?

If you have brought a new vehicle and want to get a preferred number on the number plate. You need to register your vehicle on the RTO website by selecting that number. As Well a processing fee of the new selected number must pay to Government, which is a refundable amount.

Does Parivahan require any time of registration?

Parivahan is an exceptional website designed to offer a wide range of RTO services to the citizens of India. The website is completely open and requires no registration, making it easy for individuals to access the services they need instantly. You can freely browse any link and take advantage of the extensive services provided by Parivahan with complete confidence.

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