eChallan Parivahan for Traffic Challan Check & e Challan Payment

eChallan Parivahan payment online and offline now made easy. Steps available now in detail for online challan check and what happens if not paid echallan…

eChallan Parivahan

eChallan introduced for vehicles who violate the traffic rules by any means during their traveling. A challan was issued by Traffic police considering the violation by the rider and thus the same transformed through an electronic platform as an eChallan.

This initiative by the Government of India has brought many changes in traffic through Parivahan and gives a convenient way for echallan parivahan billing.

Through this eChallan monitoring made and every minute mistake in following traffic rules observed. A dedicated team of software traffic police developed in every zone, to timely monitor and try to make everyone follow the rules.

eChallan Parivahan

There are easy services from the official website of online challan check for every individual through which they get to know details about their violation.

Traffic E Challan Reasons

There are many reasons based on which a vehicle driver might get eChallan. Here are some most seen and usual ways of E Challan rules by the traffic police.

  • Jumping traffic lights
  • Traveling without a ticket
  • Traveling without an helmet
  • Travelling without wearing seat belt
  • Driving a vehicle without paper
  • Driving without license
  • Over speeding in restricted lanes
  • Driving without an insurance policy
  • Obstructing the traffic with a stop
  • Not following Traffic rules and more

How eChallan Parivahan Work

It is mandatory to pay your eChallan dues on time and in a delay of such, the vehicle seized or given a penalty over the current challan. Thus it was very difficult in the past when the challan issued were on paper and fetching the details of the vehicle was not easy.

The eChallan is an online platform that adds the challan to the vehicle number through capturing the traffic violation by traffic police, CCTV installed at roads, and by other means.

Once the traffic violation is captured by the CCTV or by any means, the eChallan Parivahan is generated with the default values of rate. These will send you an SMS to your registered mobile number with the Vehicle in RTO.

Vehicle owners will receive e Challan through SMS, in which there is clear details of the violation made along with the proof as a photograph. Based on the photo taken, the traffic eChallan may imposed on your vehicle number.

Vehicle owners can directly click on the link provided in SMS and tap to make payment by verifying the identity. The payment gateway loaded, allowing you to make payment for your traffic violation.

On successful payment of eChallan, an e receipt generated and all traffic violations on your number cleaned. Thus anytime a traffic police check, your number will be with no violations.

eChallan Payment

It is very easy, as the official website of challan added with payment links. Below is the detailed guide through which one can check their e Challan dues and make the payment instantly.

  1. Visit the official website of Parivahan or go to a respective state portal like TS e Challan or K2 Challan
  2. Click on E Challan system at under other products and services
  3. Enter your user ID and password or Click Get challan details
  4. Select Challan Number or Vehicle number or DL number
  5. Provide your licence / vehicle details
  6. Enter security code and click on search button
  7. Get your challan details in the list on screen
  8. Select the challan as to make the payment for them
  9. Click on Pay button and wait for the payment gateway to load
  10. Provide your Payment details and make it successful online
  11. Complete echallan payment
  12. Once your EChallan payment is successful, you will receive a payment confirmation receipt for your future reference.
e Challan Online Payment

Through this online portal eChallan issued to any vehicle or driving license owner who have not followed the rules of traffic can easily access their challan to pay online.

e Challan Payment Offline

Individuals can also make their E Challan payment offline by visiting the nearest payment center or the traffic police station.

  1. Visit the payment center or traffic police nearest to your area
  2. Provide your vehicle RC and let them fetch your eChallan
  3. Once listed, you can ask the traffic police to make the payment
  4. Hand over the cash and wait for them to clear your EChallan dues
  5. That’s it, Once payment processed, your eChallan on your vehicle number removed and your vehicle will be free of formal charges.

e Challan Check

In case if you have your challan number given by the traffic police or else if you generally want to check if you have any challans on your vehicle number then you can follow the process that will show you both any existing challans, their status as well.

  1. Go to eChallan Parivahan website from
  2. Click on Check Online Services option and under it click on Check challan status option
  3. Enter your challan number or vehicle number or dl number
  4. Provide captcha code from the image and click on get details button
  5. This will now show you any challans that are pending
  6. Click on the pay now button to complete the transaction.

e Challan Check using Mobile Number

If you have forgotten your challan number or else if you do not have your vehicle number or dl number then you can use your phone number to check the challan details as shown below.

  1. Open the eChallan checking page from here
  2. Then click on Forgot details option
  3. On challan details page you have to enter the phone number and click on Get OTP button
  4. Enter the OTP and click on continue button to get your challan details using your phone number

How to check eChallan Parivahan Pending Transactions

If you have already paid for your challan online but the transaction is still not complete then you can go to the pending transactions to check the status and complete the payment if it is not completed.

  1. Go to the eChallan parivahan official website from here
  2. Check Online Services option click on Check Pending Transactions option
  3. Enter either challan number or vehicle number, captcha code from the image
  4. Click on Get Details button and you will see if there are any pending transactions and if there are any then click on pay now to complete the challan payment.

Citizens can now be able to check online for any traffic violations they’ve made and try to pay them online.

This initiative launched by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways with an aim to provide seamless experience to citizens. It is all to find their challans online rather than visiting offline traffic stations to pay them which would be a time taking process.

What to do if Challan payment is pending from bank?

If you have already made your eChallan payment, but if the status still shows payment is pending from the bank then it might take upto 7 working days for the payment for completion.

Is e Challan mandatory for payment?

In many cases, due to minor mistakes or due to negligence the e Challan imposed on the vehicle. Thus violating the traffic rules will get your vehicle into violation and an EChallan imposed must pay for sure. Every time an eChallan raised, must pay as early as possible for smooth vehicle movement.

How can I avoid getting an E Challan on my vehicle?

The simple answer to avoid getting any eChallan on your vehicle number is by strictly following the traffic rules. The eChallan is mostly generated by the CCTV camera installed at every junction, thus having the following rules will save from getting capture in these cameras. Having your vehicle documents, and having your vehicle fit to drive avoids traffic challan.

Is there a deadline to make E Challan Payment?

The e challan issued on your vehicle number must pay within 15 days of its generation. In the failure of payment, the eChallan may add with a penalty charge which increases your payment. As well no exemption given if caught by police with having EChallan on your vehicle number.

Does EChallan have an exemption?

The Government of India has given some exemption to citizens of India involved in violation of traffic rules. As a one-time chance, e Challan portal enables a discount for every three months, under which payment may do through a discount rate.

Can I find my e Challan by driving license?

No, challans always based on the driving license, but created on the vehicle number which used to regulate the traffic rules. So, you will not able to find any of the challans created through the system. But in case if the challan created offline when the presiding officer has taken your driving license then you might find it online.

How to check or inquire Traffic Challan?

If you want to enquire about traffic challans that might have been generated for your vehicle number then you can go to the eChallan parivahan official website > check traffic challan status and enter your driving license to check the challans.

How eChallan created online?

Whenever you regulate any traffic rules then the challan for the respective vehicle number generated and added to the system which encrypts the data and transfers it to the system allowing citizens to find their challan from online.

Can I find my e Challan by driving license?

No, challans always based on the driving license, but created on the vehicle number which used to regulate the traffic rules. So, you will not able to find any of the challans created through the system. But in case if the challan created offline when the presiding officer has taken your driving license then you might find it online.

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