e Challan TS Online, Register and Get SMS Alerts on TS Challan

TS e Challan now live in online | Register and Get SMS alerts of Telangana state police e Challan TS on your mobile for Traffic rules violation, Check Driving Licence Penalty and Raise complaints…

The integrated TS Challan system of Telangana state police does bring an exclusive system to track the e Challan issued by the traffic police. Citizens under the defaulter of traffic rules issued an e Challan.

The official website does bring you an easy way to check your TS e challan online with respect to your vehicle number, license number. There are various options provided on the website for the citizens to check their details and know their driving license penalty points.

In this article, we will bring you detailed information about the e Challan TS in Telangana state and describe the website in detail. Telangana state police does have a point system for violations of traffic rules and thus an increase of points will directly bring an effect on your license.

TS E Challan

e Challan TS

The online TS e Challan website does give the option to check your e Challan issued with respect to your license number or vehicle number. Here is the process through which you can check the e Challan issued to you.

  1. Go to the official website of e Challan from link echallan.tspolice.gov.in
  2. Here click on Vehicle Number or License Number from home menu
  3. Provide the respective number and enter security code
  4. Tap on Go button to search e Challan issued on your Vehicle or license number
  5. Once listed, you can verify them by viewing the picture uploaded
  6. That’s it, TS Challan check issued by traffic police for the defaulter may listed in this page, which may check and verified to know your traffic violations.

TS Challan Payment Online

If you issued with an Challan in Telangana state, then you can use the below-given process and make TS e challan payment to clear your e Challan dues.

  1. Go to Telangana state police integrated e Challan web portal at echallan.tspolice.gov.in/publicview
  2. Select the option of Vehicle number or license number form menu
  3. Submit security code and click on go button to display the e Challan
  4. Select e Challan from list and click on Pay button to proceed
  5. Choose any preferred online payment mode and tap on to pay button
  6. Once payment confirmed, you will receive an acknowledgement receipt for successful payment of e Challan. As well, a confirmation payment message may sent to your registered mobile number.

How to Check DL penalty Points

The Telangana state police have brought the penalty point system to track defaulters who are regularly involved in violations. This is the process that you can follow and get to know about your penalty points to avoid getting risk.

The increase of penalty points does include different types of punishment from traffic police and will also include jail terms for severe violations along with giving heavy punishment options.

  1. Visit echallan.tspolice.gov.in of Telangana state
  2. Now click on DL penalty Points and enter your License number
  3. Enter date of birth and submit security question to search
  4. Here you will shown the list of points generated through e Challan
  5. Based on the total points the defaulter will move for punishment or jail term or respective penalty to punish defaulter for regularly involving in violations.

How to raise a Complaint on a Fake Number Plate?

Telangana state police provided an easy link for individuals to report incidents of fake number plates if any seen-on road. Through this, citizens can help police to get defaulters to caught.

  1. Go to echallan.tspolice.gov.in e Challan portal of Telangana state police
  2. Here click on Complains and then select Fake No Plate
  3. Let Fake Vehicle Registration page load on your screen
  4. Now provide your details here and click on submit button
  5. That’s it, The police will track complaint raised and caught with fake number plate vehicle to save you from getting false in defaulter list.

How to Register TS e Challan to get violation alerts?

Are you not getting any message or alert directly from the Telangana state police when e Challan issued? Then you might have to register with the official website by the below-given process.

  1. Go to echallan.tspolice.gov.in for e Challan
  2. Now click on register button and fill your details here
  3. Provide an active mobile number and click on the Submit button
  4. The mobile number updates with the website of TS e Challan linked with the vehicle number. Furthermore, any e Challan issued may directly sent as an SMS to your registered mobile number.

Does my License cancelled if DL penalty Points increased?

Yes, if TS e Challan issued to default regularly, then the point of their violation may load on official website. If a defaulter is seen in a regulatory violation, then the license canceled for few years as a warning with a penalty. If the same continued, then their license canceled permanently.

Why Does e Challan issue a license number?

In many cases, the e Challan may issue a license number along with the vehicle number. If caught by police in hand, the name e Challan may issue through a license number. It is all to record the violations made by that driver irrespective of the vehicle they drove. This way, it ensures the traffic police, If a violation been again with same license number, then they can anytime cancel or ban license of driver.

How to remove my name from a sold-out vehicle?

If you receive e Challan for any vehicle that you have sold in the past, then you need to raise a complaint directly from official website of e Challan Telangana police state. Use the complaint option and then select the Sold-out vehicle to register your case. Traffic police will track the incident and ensure to chase new owner to avoid getting e Challan on your name.

Can TS e Challan issues reverted?

A photo uploads with every e Challan that issue on the respective vehicle or license number. If you see that the photo is wrong and you may confirm about the wrongly given Challan. At that time you can visit any nearest traffic police station and ask them to verify details to revert challan.

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