How to Apply RTPS Service & Track Service Plus Bihar Application Status

Bihar Citizens may apply an application in Service Plus Bihar Online Service (RTPS / Other / External Application Submission) and Check RTPS application status…

If you have already registered your account on Service Plus Bihar (सर्विस प्लस बिहार) portal then you should know that there are more than 3 dozen services that you can apply and register for online. The primary services which are provided on the portal are under RTPS Bihar which is Right to Public Service that means each citizen has the right to all the schemes and services.

In this article you will learn more about the process involved in applying for all the different services available on the online portal.

List of Online Services to Apply on Service Plus Bihar (सर्विस प्लस बिहार)

Before you get into the process on how you can apply for different services you will first need to learn about the types of schemes and under them the types of services each of these provide to the citizens as well.

RTPS Services – Right to Public Services

The RTPS scheme has 4 different high level services which may listed below.

  • General Administration Department
  • Planning & Development Department
  • Labour Resources Department
  • Home Department
  • Other & External Services

There are other schemes as well which have launched not just to provide the citizens of Bihar with more benefits but also for citizens from other states living in Bihar and for other business as well. The other services identified under the Labour Resources Department scheme which has 10 different acts that have sub-services listed under each of them. There are two external services as well.

  • Beedi and Cigar Workers Act
  • Boilers Act
  • Building and other Construction Workers Act
  • Contract Labour Act
  • Factories Act
  • Inter State Migrant Workers Act
  • Motor Transport Workers Act
  • Shops and Establishments Act
  • Trade Union Act
  • Verify Certificates generated before 25/04/2017

How to Apply for RTPS Service Plus Bihar Online

Now that you are aware of different schemes, services and acts across both RTPS(आरटीपीएस) and others, you can now follow the steps below which will give you an overview of procedure involved in applying for different bihar services from online easily.

  1. Open Service Plus Bihar website

    Open official website from the here

  2. Apply online

    Click on Apply Online option from the top menu section

  3. Click RTPS Services (लोक सेवाएँ) or Other

    Under the Apply Online, click on either RTPS Services, Other Services or External Services

  4. Select Preferred Application

    If select RTPS (लोक सेवाएँ) Services, then click on it and under it select “General Administration Department” and click on preferred certificate application option

  5. Enter details in all stages

    On the new certificate application page you will have to fill the form in stages like, Personal details, Address details, Documents to be uploaded and updated

  6. Generate OTP and Submit

    Once these 3 stages are done, you will now have to click on generate OTP button which will send the OTP to your registered mobile number and enter it

  7. Complete the Word verification and Submit

    Complete the world verification and check the I Agree to Terms option, then simply click on the submit button

  8. Complete the payment if required

    Case1: If the selected certificate of application is free of charge then you will be redirected to acknowledgement page and provided with the details
    Case 2: If the selected certificate is not free then you will be redirected to the payments gateway page where once the payment is completed you will be redirected back to the acknowledgement page.

  9. Upload the documents and Submit to get the reference number

    Note: Ensure that the documents being uploaded are proper documents that match the name and the address details you have filled or else the application will be rejected.

If you are from Bihar, then you would be happy because now applying for different government schemes and services may done online in quick time.

At the same time you can even get to know your application status whether the request for the scheme or service approved or denied.

If approved then you can download the certificate right from the status checking page. You can apply for either the RTPS schemes or other schemes as well. But after applying for each service you will receive your reference application number use to check the application status.

In this article we will guide you through the step by step process. It is all to help you understand how simple and easy to track your application status from Service Plus Bihar (सर्विस प्लस बिहार).

  1. How to Track Service Plus Bihar Application Status or RTPS Application Status

    The below process is the same for both RTPS (आरटीपीएस) or other schemes or services. It is all in order to check the respective application status.
    1. Open Bihar’s service plus official portal from here
    2. Click on Citizen Section and under this click on Track Application Status option
    3. A new popup will show up where you will have to select to track application using Reference Number or OTP/ Application Details
    4. Select the option, enter either the reference number or the OTP received on the registered mobile number
    5. Complete the word verification and click on the submit button that will show you the application status

  2. Can I track through RTPS Bihar application submission date?

    Yes, You can even narrow down your Service Plus Bihar application status tracking. It is by selecting either by reference number or OTP. Under the track, You can select the option track through application submission date. Select the date of your application submission. Then click on the submit button to get the status.

  3. Can we check RTPS Bihar ration card application status?

    In order to check your Bihar RTPS scheme ration card application status. Follow the below
    1. Go to service plus bihar official portal
    2. Click on citizen section
    3. Track application status and enter your application number
    4. Click on the submit button to check your ration card status.

  4. What to do if Service Plus Bihar application status shows rejected?

    In case if your application status for any scheme or service applied shows rejected then it means your application does not meet the requirements for the approval and you need to apply again with proper documents.

  5. How to Apply for RTPS Bihar service online

    If you want to apply for the RTPS Bihar services which are the right to public service scheme based service. You need to go to the official website and then click on apply online. Select the RTPS (आरटीपीएस) scheme and the service you want to apply for by filling their certificate form.

  6. How to Apply Bihar Ration Card online?

    Please note that that ration card is one such service or application whose form may fill online. This can only applied for at your nearest municipal office.

  7. Apply for Bihar Caste Certificate?

    In order to apply for a caste certificate in Bihar, Go to the service plus bihar (सर्विस प्लस बिहार) official website. Click on apply online under this click on RTPS (आरटीपीएस) services and click on caste certificate to complete your application form.

  8. What to do if Service Plus Bihar documents not uploaded?

    The error documents not uploaded, because either size or the format of documents does not match requirement of Service Plus Bihar. In order to solve this you can simply upload your document with the correct size and format again.