VMC Complaint Online and Vadodara Muncipal Corporation Complaint Status Check

If you are citizen of Vadodara Municpal Corporation, then you have to check how to lodge VMC online complaint and status for various type of grievances against corporation facilities…

Vadodara Municipal Corporation has made progress over the decades from developing their offline offices to ensuring that their online municipal website is accessible to all the citizens through which they can apply for their services and pay for water, electricity, and bills that they need to pay.

Not all times it is easy for the citizens to make use of the services and they might face challenges, issues, downtime and more problems that they would like the Vadodara municipal corporation to take this forward and solve their issues.

So if you are facing any issue with the current Vadodara municipal necessities that you obliged to receive from the government then you can follow the below article that will show you how you can file your complaint or grievance for your issues, and then we will also go through the steps to check the complaint status to further help you understand the next steps on your issue.

VMC Complaint Online

So if you are facing any issues or facing problems with the locality, water, drainage, electricity, fire, or need emergency service of Vadodara Municipal Corporation, then you can use the Vadodara complaint page to file your complaint so that it can get resolved.

  1. Open the Vadodara municipal complaint page from here register.dial24hrs.net/RegisterComplaint.aspx
  2. Enter the Personal information like Full Name, Email, Mobile number, Address and Property Census
  3. Enter Complaint Information like Ward, Area, Election Ward, Department
  4. Select Complaint Category and Complaint Type from the drop down
  5. Describe the complaint in details
  6. Upload the image if available related to the problem
  7. Click on the submit button and this will file your complaint, with providing you the complaint number that you can use for further status checking
VMC Complaint

Vadodara Complaint Status Check

If you have already provided your complaint then you should have received your complaint number that you can use it to check your complaint status.

  • Go to the Vadodara complaint page from register.dial24hrs.net/RegisterComplaint.aspx
  • Under complaint click on status check and enter your complaint number
  • Then click on the check status button and it will show you the status.

9 thoughts on “VMC Complaint Online and Vadodara Muncipal Corporation Complaint Status Check”

  1. Amari gatar saaf karvani che bav vas aave che ravatu pan nathi svas levatu pan nahi ane pivana pani ma pan vas aave che gatar na pani ni maherbani karine vehlu karjo badha bimar padirhya che.

  2. Dear VMC team,

    I would like to complaint for area Aashiyana Apartment. Sardar estate cross road ajwa road vadodara Where all the shop keeper are using the space for extra space, where as a resident people not going to use the galary. Request you please help and ask them to remove there chapra or extra space which they are using.. its humble request… or else we are going to complain to Minister for same


  3. અમારા વિસ્તાર માં મચ્છર નો ખૂબ હોવાથી ફોગીંગ કરવા ની જરૂર છે

  4. Mein priyanka nikte vadodara kareliibuag se hu hamare yaha rishka mein miter se hi pase lena hai asa kanun banaye Bina miter ke apne hisab se pase lete miter kya pooja karne ke liye lagyaga hai to plz ye kanun pass ho castmar jaha Jaye to pase miter ke hisab se le kuch aato wale miter lagate par us nahi karte or jada pase lete so plz kanun pass ho ki miter se hi pase le.or jo asa na kare use pe action le 🙏🙏🙏

  5. I would like to make the following suggestion in the larger interest of the people as well as administration. Suggestions: 1- With the growth of population water consumption is also increasing and every summer many parts of the city have acute shortage of water. At the same time people are very casual and careless by leaving water tap open.It’s time meters are installed to check the wastage of water.Sooner the better.
    2-Please regulate the drilling of water as I see in one building complex two boring which has led to ground water table sinking.
    I hope serious attention is paid otherwise the city may face very critical time with no options.

  6. Dear VMC team,
    We would like to complaint for area saisagar complex opp gandhi nagar gruh. There having lots of garbage in front of every shop. We need clear that area on top priority other wise we will complaint to city level officer for the same

  7. Near Kandoi Wadi there’s rain water logging makes mosquito breeding area everyday required immediate solution by increasing road level. No solution since last 5 years even after complaining

  8. my ppo pamant not my bank account me nahi dala ha my ppo no194202001105 serf.no2101 datet 18 jan 2021 ha my combutaion rs1462853ha my desbilti pension8370 ha uska pamant pnb nahi dala ha 20march 2021 ko commuted pension 1462853 ko dala tha vo paisa 22 march 2021 ko vaapis debit kr leye gaye . Bank were not givining any repose to me , CPPC Candhigarh was also not reponse me , PNB headquater also not repose me.


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