VMC Application & Status for Water, Fire, and Emergency Services

Find the steps involved in submitting the Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) application online and to check the status online for the services of Water, Drainage, Fire, and emergency services under the VMC area…

Earlier we have discussed Vadodara Property Tax payment and Vadodara professional tax payment systems, and now here we can discuss Virtual City Civic center which is something of a new establishment made by the Vadodara Municipal Corporation in order to provide the citizens with the basic necessities through which they can file for applications under different city requirements.

Previously all the citizens had to go to respective government municipal departments to get their applications noticed but not anymore because you may file any application, complaint or grievance through their online platform for Fire, Emergency services, Water & drainage services as well.

Assuming that you are a citizen of Vadodara and if you want to apply for an application under either for the Fire & Emergency service or else Water or Drainage service then follow the instructions below.

Vadodara Municipal Corporation
Vadodara Municipal Corporation

Vadodara Municipal Corporation Application

  1. Open the Vadodara Municipal Corporation application page from here https://vmc.gov.in/vmc_app/application.aspx
  2. Hover to Type of Application and Select from the drop-down option between Fire & Emergency or Water & Drainage
  3. Enter the name of the one applying should be entered
  4. Provider the mobile number here
  5. Enter your email address here
  6. Place the date you are applying this application on
  7. Enter the security code written beside it
  8. Click on the submit button and your application is now submitted and you will receive your water bill application number.
  9. Document Submission:
    • Submit all the required document asked on the page by clicking on the choose file under each document
    • Click on the submit button
    • Then you have successfully uploaded all the required documents for your application to be processed.
  10. In the case of Water Connection, you will be asked to enter your house number and other information, the authorities will visit your home for an offline check and confirmation that the property is under the name of the applicant, and once confirmed they will provide you with approval on water connection and access to your water bill number as well.

Now assuming that you have already applied for the above services then you should also check after 7 working days whether the application has got any update from the Vadodara Municipal authorities and the next steps towards them.

VMC Application Status

  1. Open the Vadodara Municipal Corporation status checking page from here https://vmc.gov.in/vmc_app/check_Appl_status.aspx
  2. Enter the application number you got from the above guide
  3. Click on the search button
  4. Get the status of whether the water connection or fire services application has been approved

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Vadodara Water bill connection application show rejection?

  • In case if your status for the Vadodara water bill is being shown as rejected then it means that your documents are not matching the information you provided, and this occurs mainly in case of invalid or insufficient documents for which you need to provide all correct documents to change the status from rejected to approved.

My Vadodara Application status still shows as Application Received, what to do?

  • If the application status still shows as application received then it basically means that your water bill or the fire application has been received by the department and is awaiting the next steps on approval which includes document verification and then offline check if the documents match the applicant and house information, and it usually changes after 7 working days but in the rare case, it might take up to 18 to 22 working days well.

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