Central Government Pay Scales as per 7th Pay Commission (CPC)

Government employee pay scales are being registered by Central Government under Pay Commission, and currently the latest 7th Pay Commission is in practice and salary structure of employees are being considered under this. This is a decade process which is taken initiative by the Government of India to modify the changes in exciting Pay Scales of employees.

All departments of government which are governed under Central schemes will be the first one to take effective 7th Pay Commission rules, and there was a 23% rise in pensioner income and employees getting a rise of 16% in salary through the latest commission. Based on the department serving and severity of location and workload, the Central Government of India pay commission has given benefits accordingly which are announced internal.

7th Pay Commission Pay Scale Exclusive Posts

The biggest rise was considered in allowance by giving an 63% rise and this was effective for the employees who are joined after 7th Pay Commission release. Dearness allowance which is an increasing parameter in salary was also taken up by 3%.

The hardship allowance and risk allowance were also considered by recommendation of rail ministry, and moreover, the change in the retirement age of Constable Cadre was increased to 60 years.

Exclusive: The 7th Pay Commission does include Professors, Lectures, Indian Air Force, Border Security Force, Jude’s, Paramilitary Forces, CRPF, Central Owned Military forces, IAS Officers, Central Government Teachers, where the salaries of all the employees under this department were controlled and approved by Government of India, thus Pay commission changes does affect everyone.

Key Point of 7th Pay Commission Pay Scales & Changes

These are some imprint points that are noted during the 7th Pay Commission and this has invoked a great change in pay scales of employees, and these are changes that can be easily observed in the pay slips of government employees.

  • The benefits and increase in allowance with respect to salaries are considered only after the annulment of effective date and doesn’t consider the annulment day of 7th Pay Commission.
  • The Pay Structure of 7th Pay Commission has included all existing levels and hasn’t changed anything. Irrespective of adding any new entry in Salary Slip, the existing values have been revised.
  • Minimum Pay of the employee at entry level has been increased to 18,000 which was 7,000 earlier and the Class I which is instructed newly has an entry level employee salary of 56,100
  • Annual Increment is considered form 3% applicable on performance of employee and thus include a hike considered by department very yearly separately, and Military Service Pay is decided to be paid for all defence employee despite of their holding ranks, where 2.57 of factor has been applied to all employee pay scale as a new entry in Salaries.
Type Of Employee Basic Pay Level of Basic Pay
Miscellaneous Staff 18000 – 56900 Level 1
-do- 19900 – 63200 Level 2
-do- 25500 – 81100 Level  4
Supporting Staff 25500 – 81100 Level 4
-do- 35400 – 112400 Level 6
Administrative Staff 35400 – 112400 Level 6
-do- 56100 – 177500 Level 10
-do- 67700 – 208700 Level 11
-do-78800 – 209200Level 12
-do- 118500 – 214100 Level 13
-do- 144200 – 218200 Level 14
-do- 182200 – 224100 Level 15
-do- 205400 – 224400 Level 16
Technical Staff 35400 – 112400 Level 6
-do- 44900 – 142400 Level 7
-do- 56100 – 177500 Level 10
-do- 67700 – 208700 Level 11
-do- 78800 – 209200 Level 12
-do- 118500 – 214100 Level 13
-do- 131100 – 216600 Level 13A
-do- 144200 – 218200 Level 14
-do- 182200 – 224100 Level 15
-do- 205400 – 224400 Level 16
-do- 225000 Level 17

Grade Pay in 7th CPC

Central Government of India has revised the grade pay beside changing Basic pay that changes based on Grade of employee pay scales, and the grade pay for higher grade employees does increase with respect to their basic pay. As you know that Dearness Allowance and other allowances are calculated by using Basic Pay and Grade Pay, so this changes a lot of difference in Pay Scale of employees.

  • Pay Scale & Grade Scale for Central Government Employee Posts
  • Pay scale is between Rs.29,900 to Rs.1,04,400 per month
  • Grade Pay is between Rs.5,400 to Rs.16,200 per month

Alongside increasing the basic and grade pay of employees, the 7th Pay Commission has given a good scope for newcomers to make an entry in government jobs. It has brought a great change in Payment sheet and thus it motivates an employee to work beneficial for India.

According to the central government employee salary and pensioner has been increased by 4% in pay scales and were effective from 1st January 2020 and it is subjected to include 60 lakhs employees, and every employee waits for the Pay Commission to be announced, which does make a drastic change in financial balance.

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