BHEL Pay Scale for Company Employee Salary Structure

Presenting the new BHEL pay scale for employee working in supervisor or executive cadre, Check BHEL 3rd PRC new basic pay effective from 01.01.2017 for engineer, Manager, GM, CMD and other employee salaries as per the 3rd Pay Revision (PRC) offered to BHEL family…

BHEL Pay Scale

Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited is one of the biggest power Plant equipment and machinery companies in India, and this government organization has got 6 global offices, 17 manufacturing units, 15 regional marketing divisions and 2 repair departments.

BHEL has been spread across India and important thing is, BHEL provides nearly 20KMW capacity machines per year, which does require lakhs of employed in different divisions, where the employees of BHEL are classified into working and nonworking which differ in BHEL salary structure basic pay too.

The BHEL Salary has a varying graph, based on the work culture, where Grade Pay is an important source of income for every employee which is thus added to BHEL employee salary slip.

Being a large organization, companies have come up with proposals to differentiate their pay slip generation portal based on their plant’s location.

Below is the detailed description for BHEL pay scale based on their grade of work. There is varying salary which increases based on the government pay revision committee related and we have listed the basic salary of employees working in BHEL at different levels from lower grade to chairman.

BHEL Supervisor Salary

There are different grades assigned to employees, based on which employee promotions and salary are fixed, where the Lower grade BHEL Supervisor salary who are at the start of their journey will be given a basic salary of 32000 per month as below

Grade Pay Scale from 01.01.2007 New Pay Scale from 01.01.2017 in Rs.
S0 12300-26000 32000-100000
S1 12400-30500 33500-120000
JE 12500-32200 35000-125000
S2 12600-32500 37000-130000
S3 16400-40500 42500-140000
S3A* 48000-150000
S4 24900-50500 60000-180000
S5 29100-54500 70000-200000
S6 32900-58000 80000-220000
S7 36600-62000 90000-240000
S8 36600-62000 90000-240000

BHEL Salary Structure

The below are the new BHEL Pay scale approved for 2007 and 2017 Pay revision as BHEL salary structure for board-level like GM, CMD and below-board-level executives like Manager and Engineer as below.

Grade Executive Pay Scales from 01.01.2007 Revised Executive Pay Scales from 01.01.2017 in Rs
ET 20600-46500 50000-160000
E1 24900-50500 60000-180000
E2 29100-54500 70000-200000
E3 32900-58000 80000-220000
E4 36600-62000 90000-240000
E5 43200-66000 100000-260000
E6 43200-66000 100000-260000
E6A 51300-73000 120000-280000
E7 51300-73000 120000-280000
E8 51300-73000 120000-280000
E9 62000-80000 150000-300000
Director 75000-100000 180000-340000
CMD 80000-125000 200000-370000

Deputy Managers and employees leaving to a Manager level will be given an initial salary of 80000 with no limit of increase varying based on promotions, and Director or Chairman acting as head of department will be given a basic salary of 1,80,000 to 2,00,000 Indian rupees, and the one who has been assigned this high grade work profile will not be having any extra Grade Pay.

भेल कंपनी सैलरी for all employees acting as managers considered under E grade employees and an engineer salary as per the 3rd PRC BHEL Pay Scale has no limit, which increases based on their project and years of experience obtained.

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