PDIL Pay Scale as per 7th CPC (Position / Grade Wise)

Detailed information about PDIL Pay Scale, positions under PDIL and also the applicability of 7th pay commission…

About PDIL

Project and Developments India Limited, a Large-scale construction cum building company, which headed by Government of India. PDIL has given major projects to India like LPG terminals, Oil Terminals, Product Pipelines, Oil & Gas Sector, LPG bottling Plants, LPG Mounded Storages, Hydrogen Plants, Methanol Plants and more.

Origination was brought up with growth with technological excellence. Engineering is a key role in PDIL, and they plan for the development and enrichment of new projects. PDIL always takes up large projects and thus every employee associated with this origination acts in the best way. The intake of employees in this company at different levels, taken by conducting exams.

The examination held by PDIL for recruitment, can also compared as Mini PSU and thus as it leads with critical and large projects, the employee intake also accumulated very thoroughly. Here we bring you some detailed information about PDIL employees. Based on the education level and subject of interest by a candidate, the one will taken into their respective position.

Positions Under PDIL

PDIL does release notification if they are seeking an interview for any post which includes multiple positions. Every employee under different groups will divide in Grades. The Salaries for Grade I, Grade II and Grade III employees with the same tag will differ a lot.

  1. Grade I Employees experienced and expert in subjects related to post. They get the highest pay describe for their position.
  2. Grade II Employees are those who have gained experience in relevant subjects and are still at learning level. This set of employees does have a medium salary range with added benefits.
  3. Moreover Grade III employees are those who have joined origin and stream recently with least knowledge of live projects. They considered having a basic pay range of salary.

PDIL Pay Scales as per 7th Pay Commission

The effect of Salaries of Employees under different engineering levels has considered under 7th Pay commission pay scales. Thus, existing employees do get their basic change based on the subject from 7th Pay Commission.

So newly recruited employees will have their basic increase as agreed. Current salary structure of Engineering Level to Basic Level employees will change and thus same can reflected in Salary slip. The below mentioned pay scales are older before the implementation of 7th CPC pay scales.

GradePay scales
Director65,000- 75,000
CMD75,000- 90,000

Does PDIL intake Diploma and Degree Holders?

Yes, PDIL being a large-scale company has been defined by their resources at different levels. The notifications for the recruitment of Diploma & Degree holders does come once a year and interested candidates can apply for the same. Do visit National Career Service website from PDIL official site, to check vacancy listed by state and order.

List of Vacancy in PDIL having a high Pay Scale?

Anyone who is eligible to crack the entrance held for Grade I segment, will be eligible to get high salary packages for the respective position. Grade I is termed as top level in any department and thus they are the one with a high pay scale.

Does Caste have a differentiation in the pay scale?

Like any other organization the pay scale does not depend on the caste system and is not required when you look out for the salaries in a composite department, but this will be only helpful during the entrance test and cut off while selecting candidates for a certain position which will be followed under the government regulations anyways.