BHEL Employee Designation and Basic Pay for Each Cadre

Professional Designation and BHEL employee with new salary updated here for all the cadres of employees, Find each designation that demonstrates the knowledge and the new skills of employee strategy development with great work culture, Check BHEL employee salary slip for the working designation and the basic pay allotted…

The presented BHEL Salary for each designation allotted (revised) as per the 3rd PRC sanctioned to BHEL employees effective from 01.01.2017, After 3rd pay revision, BHEL pay scale (basic payments) increased above 100% in all cadres.

BHEL Employee Designation and Basic Pay

BHEL Employee Designation and Basic Pay

Let’s check all the designations in the company and the BHEL pay scale allotted for each cadre towards the BHEL Salary granted from unskilled worker level to CMD level.

GradeDesignation in BHELBasic Pay from 01.01.2017
 Chairman & Managing Director200000 – 370000
 Director180000 – 340000
E9Executive Director150000 – 300000
E8General Manager120000 – 280000
E7Additional General Manager120000 – 280000
E6ASr. Dy. General manager120000 – 280000
E6Dy. General Manager100000 – 260000
E5Sr. Manager100000 – 260000
E4Manager90000 – 240000
E3Dy. Manager80000 – 220000
E2Sr. Engineer/ Sr. Accounts Officer/ Sr. Executive70000 – 200000
E1Engineer/ Accounts Officer/ Executive60000 – 180000
ETEngineer Trainees/ Executive Trainees50000 – 160000
JEJunior Executive35000 – 125000
S8Executive Addl. Engineer Gr. II / Executive Addl. Officer Gr.II90000 – 240000
S7Sr. Addl. Engineer Gr. I / Sr. Addl. Officer Gr 190000 – 240000
S6Sr. Addl. Engineer Gr. II / Sr. Addl. Officer Gr.280000 – 220000
S5Addl. Engineer Gr. I / Addl. Officer Gr. I70000 – 200000
S4Addl. Engineer Gr. II / Addl. Officer Gr. II60000 – 180000
S3ADy. Engineer / Dy. Officer48000 – 150000
S3Dy. Engineer / Dy. Officer42500 – 140000
S2Asst Engineer Gr. I / Asst officer Gr. I37000 – 130000
S1Asst Engineer Gr. Ii / Asst officer Gr. II33500 – 120000
S0Supervisory Trainees / Asst Eng Gr. III / Asst Officer Gr.III32000 – 100000
A12/B12Sr. Chief Technician/ Sr. Chief Assistant59000 – 175000
A11/B11Chief Technician/ Chief Assistant55500 – 170000
A10/B10General Technician/ General Assistant53000 – 165000
A9/B9Master Technician/ Sr Assistant Gr-142500 – 140000
A8/B8Sr Technician / Sr Assistant Gr-237000 – 130000
A7/B7Technician/ Sr. Assistant Gr-III33500 – 120000
A6/B6Artisan Gr-1/ Assistant Gr-I / Nurses Gr-131000 – 95000
A5/B5Artisan Gr-II/ Nurses Gr-II30500 – 85000
A4/B4Artisan Gr-III/ Assistant Gr-II30000 – 75000
A3/B3Artisan Gr-IV/ Clerk/ Typist29500 – 65000
A2/B2Semi Skilled Worker/ Attendant Gr-I24000 – 55000
A1/B1Unskilled Worker/ Attendant Gr-223000 – 50000

BHEL Pay Allowances to be paid in extra with Company Basic Pay Salary

the mandatory allowances to be paid to each BHEL employee in addition to the Basic Pay allotted at the time of new recruitment or in promotion as per the recognition/certification at their great workplace.

  1. Industrial Dearness Allowance (IDA) is revised on every quarter and paid to BHEL employee as per their Basic Pay
  2. HRA will be paid to all employees as per their place of Posting
  3. Leave, Medical Facility, Provident Fund, Gratuity etc are to be paid to भेल कंपनी सैलरी for employees as per the company rules in force
  4. The maximum ceiling will be 31% of the Basic Pay of BHEL employee

The above-mentioned designation wise BHEL salary structure for employees are available in all the operational units across India and the same basic pay will be paid to each employee across the country.

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    • please furnish the pay structure of executive (engineer) in the grade of E4 for the year of 1995–96

    • pl. furnish the pay scale of Manager (E4) in the year of 1996 . Joined in BHEL , HEEP, HARIDWAR
      retired from BHEL, PSER, KOLKATA in 1997

    • As of know there are no openings for Sub additional engineers at BHEL. Qualifications will add some advantage while converting from supervisor cadre to executive cadre. But qualification is not mandatory for conversion.


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