eChallan Complaint & Status at Parivahan Grievance System

Lodge eChallan complaint at Parivahan Grievance system, Upload valid reason against echallan complaint to resolve early…

The Government of India initiated eChallan system to address traffic violators and various issues from Traffic rules. The digital system has brought much relief to traffic police by bringing every information of vehicles and challans issued.

The traffic violation is a regular thing seen on roads and thus to address them strictly, the system of digital eChallan initiated with Parivahan. Under this initiation, the traffic police installed cameras at every junction through which traffic violations strictly monitored.

Based on the pictures captured, the eChallan system automatically detects the vehicle number and then sends the respective challan to the registered mobile number of the vehicle owner. There are easy options for citizens of India to use the eChallan and view their challans.

How to Raise eChallan Complaint

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways given a direct link for eChallan complaints in their official portal.

  1. Visit official website of eChallan Digital Traffic Enforcement Solution using
  2. Click on Compliant to open the Grievance System page
  3. Enter your Name, Mobile number, Challan Number received
  4. Fill the description and other details required
  5. Attach any proof for your eChallan complaint using upload option
  6. Click on Submit button after filling the Captcha code
  7. That’s it, the complaint for your respective challan number submitted. The traffic police department will consider your eChallan complaint and will provide you an update as early as possible by viewing the details in the grievance system.

How to Check Parivahan Grievance Ticket Status

  1. Browse the webpage in any browser
  2. Scroll down and Click on Ticket Status
  3. Enter your e-ticket number and Captcha number
  4. Click on Check Status
  5. You will display the present status of your registered grievance
  1. Can I raise an eChallan complaint to Traffic Police?

    The eChallan complaint may raised by individual who received challan on their traffic violations. If the vehicle number has enough proof of their innocence, then they can raise the concern to the traffic police directly through the Grievance System.

  2. Can i lodge technical problem complaints in this echallan grievance portal?

    For any kind technical problems related to eChallan, the vehicle owner may contact the authority at Email address helpdesk-echallan @ gov. in or by calling over phone at 0120-2459171 during the Timings from 6AM to 10PM.

  3. How many complaints does an eChallan complaint take to resolve?

    If you have any concern about the eChallan raised on your respective vehicle number. the citizen can anytime use the Grievance system to raise any concern. These grievances raised will approximately take 15 days in minimum to consider your concern and respond back.

  4. Do eChallan complaints different for every state?

    The eChallan portal is the same for every state in India. It makes it easier for traffic police and vehicle owners to track the challan. Any challan issued on vehicles may checked for this one portal, which makes it comfortable to pay the eChallan payment and as well track any vehicle who has violated the challan.

  5. Why Challan issued by traffic Police wrongly?

    The Traffic Police do have the installed camera on every junction which does capture the traffic rule violations. Thus in the process, if e vehicle number is blurring the challan may issued to wrong vehicle number. In such cases the vehicle owner directly submit the echallan complaint. It is through the official portal to report the wrong challan issued on their vehicle.