Death Certificate Importance, Required Documents to Apply

Get the complete information about Death Certificate in single page. Just check the Importance of Death Certificate, eligibility and who can get it, Required documents to apply followed by simple guide for How to get a death certificate…

Death Certificate is a official or legal document that issued by a government authority or a licensed doctor or medical practitioner for someone’s death. The certificate contains the complete information of death. This information contains :

  • Time of death
  • Date of death
  • Cause of Death
  • Location of Death
  • Some Personal information of that person like Name, Parent details, Education, marital status, etc.

Importance of Death Certificate

One should take the certificate of that person (only relatives or blood relations can take the certificate for died person) to ensure the proof and security in future references. There are many reasons to get a certificate issued, Some of uses of Death Certificate listed below :

  • To transfer or settle property of died person to others
  • To get benefits of pension from Government or Organizations
  • For claiming Life insurance
  • To get married in case of Widow

Eligibility and Who can get Death Certificate

If you are applying for the certificate of diseased person, then you must be a blood relation of him/her. You should be a spouse or Children or Parents or Siblings or a legal representative for applying Death Certificate.

  • Any relation have to provide proof of relation with diseased person while applying application.
  • Sibling have to provide Birth Certificate as a proof for showing they are child of same parent.
  • Parent or Children also needs to provide Birth Certificate for proof.
  • Legal representative needs to provide a property right documentation and a letter to show how they are related to the diseased person on a legal note.

Required Documents for applying Death Certificate

There are some mandatory documents needed to apply for certificate of diseased person. The required documents listed below :

  • Application Form for registration
  • Birth Certificate (for proof of Birth)
  • Residential proof
  • Medical certificates for cause of death from licensed doctor
  • Date and Time of Death
  • Cremation certificate of burial ground
  • Identity proof like Aadhaar card or Passport, etc.

How to get a Death Certificate

Death Certificate can be claimed through offline and as well as online. There are some procedure to be follow for claiming it. Just follow the below steps to claim it.

  1. Register the details in the concerned state web portal by providing required information that provides Death Certificate in a legal way
  2. Fill the Registration Form
  3. Login to site and Provide required documents
  4. Submit Application Form to Registrar
  5. You will get the status of applied Death Certificate application through Email or through your mobile number given or through online website.

The procedure to apply for Death certificate can change based on your location like state, territories that you belong to. So, for applying it physically just visit to nearest Municipal office and proceed further.

What is the important use of death certificate ?

It is very important to get a death certificate for future references. It includes many benefits like to settle properties, to claiming life insurances, to get benefits of pensions and many more.

Where I get a death certificate ?

You can apply for a Death Certificate through online in some states through Registrars or you can visit nearest municipal office to apply offline to proceed further.