Travel Insurance for Schengen VISA with New Inclusions

Any individual with a purpose of leisure or business traveling to one or more Schengen Countries should get Travel insurance for Schengen VISA, where applicants who are in a visit to these countries must be sure and have valid travel medical insurance, which can cover any expenses due to medical reason, urgent medical emergency, dealt, hospital treatment or any.

Travel Insurance for Schengen VISA

The Travel insurance taken must be valid in all territory of Member States and should cover a total of EUR 30,000 at present.

You can get multiple quotes to get Travel insurance for Schengen VISA and if you’re having active General Insurance, then you apply for Schengen Travel insurance as an Add-on. Usually, holidaymakers get a different travel insurance plan for the number of days they are on visit.

These are some major points that Schengen Travel Insurance will be covering during the time of your visit to Member States territories. Travel insurance will cover this list of points and benefits you in all ways.

Inclusions of Schengen Visa Travel Insurances

  • Medical emergency due to accident or illness while travelling
  • Repatriation of Remains
  • In case of minor need to visit their country
  • If Trip is cancelled without your fault
  • Accidental Demise, disability or injury
  • In case of any international funeral expenditures
  • Luggage or personal belonging damage
  • If the baggage is delayed for 12 hours, then basic clothing and essentials to be provided
  • Your connecting flight between trip has missed
  • If you’re robbed and left unknown without currency
  • Bad weather might cause your trip to delay
  • Pregnancy-related expenditure in case if any
Travel Insurance for Schengen VISA

Travel Insurance for Schengen Visa in India

As stated earlier, there are multiple insurance service providers whose quotes are available as per your holiday or business plan. Based on your requirements and days of visit the premium plan may activate with giving you entire benefits during visit to Schengen member states.

  • In case of individual suffering from Asthma or have diagnosed with it recently, then insurer will not avail medical benefits if any
  • Previous health issue may not avail in insurance plan
  • Taking part in Bike stunts, skydiving, aqua sport and such will not be under surveillance of your insurer list
  • In case of any war or such kind of activity, your insurer will directly refuse to provide the cover
  • Suicide attempt by yourself by any mean may not add in insurance cover

Schengen Travel Visa Insurance for Europe

If you are travelling to any of the European countries to bring joy and harmony through the peace of wonderful breezes of these cold and warm nations then you must surely go ahead.

Schenegen is the name given to the combination of the 26 European countries. All the types of border controls and passport management abolished making the traveller freely able to land in any one of the country from the 26 European countries. Then be able to travel to all other countries without much problems at the border checking or airports for the intra country travels.

These limitations being lifted up has made thousands of travellers all across the world map their journey to the European countries and be able to travel. But at the same time, the Schengen organization has made some of the travel visa Insurance necessary. Only having such a visa you will be allowed to travel or even land.

What are the Requirements for the Schengen Travel Visa Insurance

Basically there are a few major requirements that every traveller and tourist should follow for the schengen travel visa insurance to be applied for.

  • The travel visa insurance coverage should be a minimum of $34,000 which equals to Euro 30,000 per person
  • The type of visa insurance should be valid for all the Schengen based countries which are 26 in total
  • The type of coverage should be able to cover for any of the health necessities, benefits, requirement that may be related to hospital emergency or more during the travel in the schengen based countries

What is Travel Health Insurance & Why is it Require?

An Individual who might travel a lot or even for a frequent traveller the travel health insurance would be a new term. This has become a common necessity and requirement that every country urgest and has the mandate to follow by each tourist or traveller for the benefit of both the country and them as well.

So basically, travel health insurance is insurance that will cover up all the expenses. This might arise during your travel to any foreign nation due to any medical condition, illness, or emergency.

The reasons for travel health insurance has become mandatory for many countries out. There is that the elderly or people with constant sickness or need for therapy might face medical trouble. In order to ensure that such conditions promptly served the touring countries have made it necessary.

While some people travel occasionally to the European nations. It might a good idea to discuss further with your travel agent or insurance agent to get a premium plan. Also can check the cover over the span of time you would like to travel in the Schengen based countries.

For Whom Schenegen Travel Insurance Require?

As we already discussed the Schengen based countries has formed the rule that every individual should have a prominent travel visa insurance but this has become mandatory for individuals who are part of therapy sessions, going through medical necessities, people who already have an underlying illness or medical conditions that might need medical emergencies when traveling to other countries.

On the other hand, there are also elderly people who might face different issues through the change in weather and atmosphere by traveling through these countries as well.

All the above are some points that need to note before applying for the Schengen Visa Travel Insurance plan. Below are some customer-generated queries, please do check.

Types of Schengen Travel Health Insurance & Costing

Most of the Schengen travel health insurance from different companies are almost the same in cost but it all depends on the number of days or the validity as well. So, we have listed out some of the basic information about the cost with co relation to the average days validity.

Travel Duration in DaysCost in Euros
0 to 8 days20 €
Upto 15 days36 €
Upto 31 days56 €
up to 45 days65 €
upto 62 days73 €
Upto 90 days89 €
upto 180 days168 €

Also, you may get complete info at this page

Why should one take Travel Insurance for a Schengen Visa?

It is unknown that what is going to happen and thus traveling to Member states will always recommend you have better insurance coverage and it will help you financially if you have come across any kind of causality or loss in international boundaries.

Whether it covers for Bad Weather delayed my Flight?

If your flight was delayed due to bad weather, then your Travel Insurance for Schengen Visa will come in picture, and the charges for the very next available flight will be covered under insurance cover.

What are the covered countries under Schengen Travel Visa Insurance?

The Schnegen is a collection of 26 european nations and these are also the covered countries when you get a travel visa insurance and they are Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Where to Find Schengen Travel Visa Insurance – Best Options

If you want to get one of the best health travel insurance for your travelling plan to the Schenegen countries then we have three best options that are MondialCare, Europ Assistance and AXA Assistance.

These three are few of the top in this industry of providing every other country’s citizens with the best plan that suits their pricing and are able to travel much easier without worrying once they opt for insurance from them.

If you just travel alone or for business reasons and are travelling along with a group of tourists or family then these would be the best options you might find out in the market out there.